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Receipts/Acceptance Returns to WAWF (formerly iRAPT)

Receipts/Acceptance Returns to WAWF (formerly iRAPT)

With release 5.12.1, DOD has returned to use of Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) to refer to the web application that provides electronic Receipts and Acceptance,  and Electronic Invoices for shipments into the defense supply chain.  That system had been briefly known as iRAPT.

The collection of tools referred to as WAWF during the iRAPT era is now called the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment, or PIEE.  Besides WAWF, PIEE includes EDA, myInvoice, IUID Registry, CORT, eMIPR, MRS, NCCS, Contract Closeout, CDR, CCM, Data Lake, ...

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Plan WHAT to Do for UID Compliance

Starting down the road to UID compliance  requires you to answer questions in two broad areas–WHAT do I have to do to comply, and HOW will I proceed with compliance. Let’s start with the WHAT…

WHAT do I have to do?

Understand the requirements.

Understand how they apply to you, your contracts and your parts. Don’t worry yet about HOW you will comply. Just make sure you understand WHAT you are required to do. Write it down. Pass it ...

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UID System

The DOD’s UID system combines permanent Unique Identification labeling/marking with a universal Registry database to give the Department of Defense a comprehensive view of its vast inventory of assets. Based on international standards, UID was adopted by DOD to improve asset management by monitoring defense related equipment during their lifecycle. Such equipment included operating materials, Government Furnished Property (GFP) and any personal property issued on or after January 2004. The use of this labeling technique has since extended beyond the ...

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Mil-Pac’s DOD RFID Solution Easily Submits Data to WAWF

Mil-Pac’s Mil-Comply DOD Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solution prints RFID labels and makes the entire process simpler by easily submitting the RFID data to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF).

[Ramona, February 18, 2014] – Mil-Pac’s Mil-Comply DOD Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solution prints RFID labels and simplifies the entire process through easier data submission to the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). The system solution circumvents many of the difficulties posed by DOD label printing, such as formatting  labels for human-readable and bar coded ... Continue Reading →

Press Releases

Mil-Pac Technology is a premier developer of programs designed to meet the strict requirements of defense contract packaging and shipping since 1982. The company continues to develop innovative products to automate barcode label generation, DOD-Form processing, and support advanced electronic data interchange (EDI). The company’s software seamlessly integrates the critical compliance phases of an automated DOD supply-chain shipping process.

To learn more about Mil-Pac, visit their website at

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Military Packaging

Military personnel place their lives in danger daily and ensuring they receive the supplies required to perform their jobs is essential to their survival and our freedom. The military packaging business requires that suppliers stick to very strict guidelines during the supply chain process. In the past, items that failed to meet the rigorous demands of military packaging possibly failed in the combat zone. Consequently, the Department of Defense meticulously reviews and enforces packaging and shipping procedures. Learn more by ...

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RFID Solution

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology transmits data that automates processes in the transportation and logistics industry. The Department of Defense utilizes this technology to track shipments dispatched by suppliers. RFID solutions include a range of hardware and software technologies that ease the tracking process and ensure accuracy and value through a streamlined delivery process. Suppliers and the Department of Defense benefit from implementing even the simplest RFID solutions available off the shelf from RFID companies such ...

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RFID Systems

RFID systems use radio-frequency identification technology to allow tracking shipments and collecting important data a much simpler process. The Department of Defense requires that suppliers use RFID technology to submit shipping information to the supply depots electronically. Suppliers have multiple options when selecting a method for entering the required information. Using RFID systems can streamline the process and offer maximum flexibility during the data submission process.

What Are RFID Systems?

RFID systems include a number of hardware and software components that defense ...

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Military Packing

Complying with the complex requirements for military packing takes diligence, patience and, surprisingly, technology. Packing supplies for the military takes a keen sense of the requirements, regulations and compliance issues that the military enforces to ensure proper delivery. In the past, suppliers of military supplies relied significantly on manual processes that took large blocks of time to complete packaging, picking and data entry processes. Today, advances in technology streamline the military packing process and using state-of-the-art technologies makes the packing ...

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RFID Companies

RFID companies offer a range of solutions designed to help suppliers comply with specific regulations and manage their most important assets. The supply chain management, transportation and logistics industries have undergone many positive changes due to advances in technology, including Radio Frequency Identification. Today, RFID companies design and deploy hardware and software solutions that meet the complicated demands of modern inventory and asset management problems.

How Do RFID Companies Benefit Suppliers, Contractors and Logistics Professionals?

Implementing a useful and beneficial RFID solution ...

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