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UID Registry Expeditor

The MIL-Comply UID Expeditor provides an interface to the IUID Registry for two purposes:

  • Servicing UID-marked GFP
  • Registering Embedded UIDs

Shipping GFP UID Items to WAWF

GFP Reparable Receiving Report (RRR) Process Video

GFP Process Overview Video

UID Expeditor handles the special processing required for UID-marked Government-Furnished Property (GFP) items prior to shipment via Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). This includes Virtual IUIDs (unmarked/unregistered items for which the IUID requirements apply).  See the GFP Process Video for an overview of the process.

UID Expeditor transacts with the IUID Registry via a DOD-Certified Mil-Pac VAN to:

  • Acknowledge custody of GFP
  • Add unregistered UID items
  • Record lifecycle events

This is a required step prior to transferring custody to the Government via a WAWF Reparable Receiving Report (RRR), which transfers custody of the item to the Ship-To entity (typically the DOD). The Expeditor integrates seamlessly with Comply/WAWF Shipper to generate and transmit the RRR, and with Comply/Labeling to print Mil-Std-129R compliant labels. Read more about GFP Automation.

Registering Embedded UID Items

The UID Expeditor manages the direct registration of embedded UID items into the IUID Registry. There are two reasons one might want to do this.

  • A backlog of embedded items that were not registered at the time of end-item sale.
  • Registration of embedded items after shipment
    • WAWF Receiving Report transactions are limited to the first level of embedding (and 100 embedded items per CLIN).
    • Business processes make it easier to submit embedded items in bulk, rather than included in the end-item Receiving Report.

UID Expeditor uses user-generated CSV-import files to perform these tasks.