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Blog Category:   RFID

  • DOD RFID Solution for WAWF
    Mil-Pac’s DOD RFID solution simplifies data submission to WAWF, eliminating manual entry of countless RFIDs and IUIDs, avoids WAWF web site.

  • RFID Solution
    A full RFID solution exceeds the needs of most defense contractors to print or procure RFID labels and ensure they work as applied.

  • RFID Systems for DOD Suppliers
    RFID systems required by most defense contractors are simple, limited to printing RFID labels and ensuring they work as applied to containers.

  • RFID Companies | System Integrators
    RFID companies help defense suppliers navigate the complex landscape of military standards,  DOD initiatives and contract requirements.

  • RFID Discrepancy Email to Supplier, Inspector and Acceptor
    Failing to send in RFID data for Pack Later DD250 shipments will result in daily reminder emails to your organizational email address and ...