Automating WAWF – DLA Invoicing


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WAWF invoicing of DLA orders is virtually instantaneous with MIL-Comply.

  • Faster, Easier and More Accurate
  • Skip logging into DLA and WAWF web screens.

DLA will send purchase orders to you in electronic (EDI-850) format. Creating the WAWF invoice is simply a matter of adding your invoice number.   MIL-Comply sends the invoice to WAWF and you are done.

Use the DLA EDI purchase order data to automate Mil-Std-2073 packaging and Mil-Std-129 labeling – even RFID if that is required.   Most of the data is provided by DLA.  Avoid keying in data and making mistakes.

See Automating WAWF Invoicing for information on other kinds of WAWF invoices, such as DCMA Contracts, Cost Vouchers, 2-in-1 Invoices and Progress Payment Requests.

Diagram of DLA Order Processing Solution

  1. Download DLA EDI 850 Purchase Order
    • Download Purchase Orders into MIL-Comply Shipper with our DOD-Certified VAN.
    • Purchase Order information is automatically imported and formatted, eliminating nearly all typing.
  2. Add Invoice Number
  3. Submit Invoice to WAWF with just a few mouse clicks
    • Logging into WAWF is eliminated!
    • Saves time and labor costs.
    • Accuracy is ensured by using DLA PO data.
MIL-Comply is a powerful, integrated tool that simplifies shipping to DLA.  Everything works off of one set of data, whether it comes from DLA, your business system, or is hand entered. 

  • Print Mil-Std-129 Container Labels including RFID tags
  • Create Mil-Std-2073 Packaging Instructions
  • Include UIDs for submission to UID Registry
  • Print forms (DD1348-1A, DD250, etc.)
  • Submit Receiving Report to WAWF (including RFID)
  • Submit RFID Pack Update to WAWF
  • Submit UID (Unique Identification) data to WAWF and the UID Registry