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RFID Solution

RFID Solution

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology transmits container data to support automation in the transportation and logistics industry. The Department of Defense  (DOD) utilizes this technology to track shipments dispatched by suppliers. RFID solutions include a range of hardware and software technologies that ease the tracking process and ensure accuracy and value through a streamlined delivery process. Suppliers and the Department of Defense benefit from implementing even the simplest RFID solutions available off the shelf from RFID companies such as Mil-Pac Technology.

What Are the Benefits of Using RFID Solutions?

In the past, keeping military shipping requirements in compliance with multiple regulations was a challenge. Supplier personnel used data-entry methods to record and track single shipments or pallets destined for military installations. Today, RFID technologies simplify the process through a combination of hardware and software installations.

RFID Hardware Solutions

In order for RFID technology to work, the supplier must attach or embed a tag to an outgoing shipment. The tag contains identifying information about the shipment and emits a radio frequency that a tag reader can interpret. DOD depots match RFID tags to data uploaded to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) by contractors. This allows them to know what has been received without reading labels or scanning barcodes.  While there is no specific requirement as printed label formatting, RF-tags are generally incorporated into special RFID label formats in accordance with Mil-Std-129R labeling solution.

RFID Software Solutions

The Department of Defense requires that suppliers provide RFID data for each shipment they send. In addition to the RFID data, suppliers must meet a number of compliance requirements, including properly formatted labels, reports and invoices. The supplier must upload the data to WAWF, the military’s acceptance and invoicing system.

RFID solutions streamline the entire process by ensuring compliance with the myriad of military requirements, including those for military labels. Mil-Pac offers a number of solutions that take the guesswork out of labeling, shipping and invoicing. MIL-Comply RFID Solution formats labels and automates submission of data to WAWF. In addition, Mil-Pac RFID software integrates seamlessly into our products that automate other phases of the shipping process.

Companies that need to submit significant amounts of IUID label data and RFID label data to WAWF should consider approaches that integrate the handling of UID data as part of their RFID data management strategy.   The most efficient processes integrate IUID and RFID data into a comprehensive Wide Area Workflow automation strategy.

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