The shipping of Government-Furnished Property (GFP) items back to the Defense Department (DOD) requires special handling, particularly in the case of items that have Unique Identification (UID) markings or require them. Using the standard WAWF Receiving Report (RR)/ DD250 is not appropriate because its use implies that the item is being sold to the Government. Upon acceptance of Receiving Reports, WAWF submits items with Unique Item Identifiers (UII / IUID) to the IUID Registry (aka UID Registry) as new acquisition. This is a problem in two ways:

For GFP items that are already in the IUID Registry, the RR would be rejected due to duplication.  GFP items that are not already in the Registry would be added to it, but at the date and cost of servicing, rather than that of acquisition.

Use of the Reparable Receiving Report (RRR) transaction solves this problem because WAWF assumes that items being shipped are already the property of the Government. The effect of the RRR is to transfer custody of the UID items included on the RRR from the contractor to the receiving activity. Except for that, the RRR is like the standard Receiving Report in that it is the instrument of Government acceptance of the work performed under the contract and authorizes payment for it.

Printed Forms: DD250 and WA250

The full adoption of WAWF as the instrument of acceptance by the Government resulted in it replacing the venerable printed DD250 in DFARS Appendix F. However, many still use the DD250 as a traveler included in shipments and when transmitting copies of the shipment in PDF form. Mil-Pac provides the WA250 as a more appropriate alternative for WAWF shipments.

WAWF Property Transfer (DD1149) Transaction

The Property Transfer transaction, which is the WAWF equivalent of the DD1149, is used when transfer of custody of Government property occurs without cost. It could be used for:

  • Replacement of GFP under warranty
  • Return of items associated with servicing a GFP item, such as a vehicle in which a serviced item is embedded
  • Return of an item into which a new acquisition item was installed
  • Shipment of new acquisition items from Bonded Storage which were Shipped-In-Place (SIP)

Note that in the case of SIP, the shipment into Bonded Storage may take place on the standard RR if the items are new acquisition.

Acknowledging Custody of GFP in the IUID Registry

Successful completion of an RRR or DD1149, which transfers custody of items to the Government (or another contract), requires that one first acknowledge (gain) custody through the UID Registry. This may be done on the Government’s PIEE web site, or via electronic data interchange using one of two different formats.

Adding GFP Items to the IUID Registry

It is possible that UID items, even those with UID Part Markings, may not be in the IUID Registry. In which case, the unregistered item(s) can be added to the Registry at the time custody is acknowledged. Doing first-time registration of GFP items can be easily done with UID Registry EDI transactions. However, if the item was sold to the government after FY2015, the registration may occur only as part of a maintenance contract under which the registering company takes temporary custody of the item.