Comply with Department of Defense RFID Mandate – easily, efficiently and affordably

RFID-WAWFComply/RFID Manager organizes and submits RFID to Area Workflow (WAWF), including RFID and UID (where applicable).

You may also:

  • Submit RFID data to VIM-ASAP (for clothing and textile manufacturers)
  • Print RFID Pack Report for use in preparing shipment and for historical records
  • Automatically uses MIL-Comply Labeling label data to eliminate additional data-entry

The standard process when used with MIL-Comply Labeling:

  • Print shipping labels
  • Review RFID data
  • Submit RFID data to an existing WAWF shipment (set for Pack Later) with a few clicks. Or include RFID data with a Receiving Reported to be submitted by Comply/Shipper.

Using Comply/RFID manager lets you work at your pace, collaborate with your team, review before you submit to WAWF and never worry booted out of WAWF again.

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