DLA DIBBS EDI Order Processing The key to speedy processing of DLA/DIBBS orders is EDI. The Defense Logistics Agency will provide vendors with electronic versions (EDI-850) of their purchase orders which can greatly speed and simplify processing.   Using EDI purchase orders practically eliminates data entry that is required for:

  • WAWF Fast Pay DD250s and Invoices
  • Mil-Std-129R Labeling
  • VSM Shipping Instructions
  • Mil-Std-2073 Packaging Instructions

MIL-Comply is a powerful, integrated tool that simplifies shipping to DLA.  Everything works off of one set of data, whether it comes from DLA, your business systems, or is entered by hand with help from MIL-Comply’s database widgets.

The data required for a WAWF Fast Pay DD250 Receiving Report and Invoice is included in DLA/DIBBS EDI Order. Simply add an invoice number (or have Comply/Shipper automatically generate one).   The process is quick and easy:

  1. Ask Comply/Shipper to get pending EDI purchase orders
  2. Open the one you want and add Invoice Number
  3. Print labels with Comply/Labeling from the PO data
    1. Use Comply/VSM to pull shipping instructions into shipment (or use VSM website)
  4. Submit Receiving Report and Invoice to WAWF with just a few mouse clicks.

You can also start by labeling containers, then process the WAWF DD250 and invoice.   MIL-Comply is completely flexible, adaptable to your team’s shipping process.

DLA/DIBBS EDI purchase orders include most of the data needed for Mil-Std-129R labeling.  One click is all that is required to get pending DLA purchase orders.   Just add packaging date and container weight.  Using DLA’s EDI data greatly reduces labeling time, while improving accuracy.

For orders requiring that you get a Ship-To and TCN from the DLA Vendor Shipment Module (VSM) you can either do that on the VSM website, or ask Labeling to do it for you.

At this point in the process Comply/Shipper can transmit a Fast Pay Receiving Report and Invoice to WAWF for you.   Just add an invoice number and click the Send button.

Vendor Shipment Module (VSM) automation lets you avoid working on the VSM website and then transcribing Ship-To, Mark-For, TCN and other data.  Labeling and VSM approvals are all performed from the easy to use VSM Dashboard.   Simply add container weights and dimensions while preparing container labels.  Request shipping approval from VSM to receive shipping information, which flows right into your MIL-Comply shipment.  Then print the small parcel labels and/or transportation documents,

Start by creating Mil-Std-129 container labels, including the container dimensions as you go.  One click connects directly to the VSM server to get shipping instructions (Ship-To and TCN), allowing you to immediately print a Mil-Std-129R MSL or the DD1387 generated by VSM. Another click gets the small parcel (UPS, FedEx, etc.) shipping labels. All of this without going to the VSM web site.

MIL-Comply offers two forms of VSM support:

  • VSM Automation adds VSM shipment approval and printing of transportation documents to Comply/ Labeling
  • VSM Pro optimizes DLA shipment processing right from the Comply/Shipper dashboard:
    • Creates shipments from EDI purchase orders (received by you from DLA via Mil-Pac VAN)
    • Accesses the VSM Dashboard for labeling, shipment approval, printing of transportation documents
    • Enables electronic submission of WAWF Fast-Pay Receiving Reports and Invoices.

MIL-Comply’s flexible licensing allows you to mix and match DIBBS EDI downloading, VSM Automation across individual MIL-Comply users to best support your shipping process.

Mil-Std-2073 packaging codes are often included in the electronic (EDI) purchase order. MIL-Comply automatically stores them so that you can use Comply/Pack to generate a packaging worksheet to guide packaging.