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VSM Automation

Support for the DLA Vendor Shipment Module (VSM) is integrated into MIL-Comply/Labeling to allow its users to acquire the Transportation Control Number (TCN) and destination address(es) for a pending shipment without having to use the VSM website. VSM Automation is an option of Comply/Labeling but may also be operated from Comply/Shipper (with a Labeling license).

vsm shipping dimensions

VSM Shipping Dimensions

Use of the VSM Automation is very similar to the process for creating Mil-Std-129R labels for a shipment with Comply/Labeling. It simply requires the entry of the purchase order Requisition Number and the weight and dimensions of the containers. The software then requests shipping information from VSM, which returns TCN, Ship-To, Mark-For and the DLA Shipment Control Number. This data flows into the shipment allowing for printing of the Military Shipment Label (MSL) and a DD250. Small parcel (e.g., UPS/FedEx) labels are downloaded from VSM for qualified shipments. For TL/LTL shipments, the software retrieves the GBL and other required transportation documents from DLA when made available by DLA.

The Mil-Std-129 container labels may be printed at any point in the process. As can DD250 and/or DD1348 forms. A more robust description of the capabilities of the automation process may be found on the VSM Automation Solutions page.

VSM Integration Products

Mil-Pac offers two levels of VSM integration.

Option: VSM Automation for Labeling

The Comply/Labeling VSM Automation option enables the use of the VSM Shipment Dashboard, which:

  • Prints Mil-Std-129R Unit, Intermediate and Exterior Container labels.
  • Communicates with VSM to request shipping instructions.
  • Retrieves TCN, and Ship-To / Mark-For addresses from VSM.
  • Prints Military Shipment Labels with VSM-supplied data (or the provided DD1387).
  • Retrieves small parcel carrier (e.g. UPS and FedEx) labels (when applicable) for printing.
  • Retrieves Government Bill of Lading (GBL) and other transportation documents (when applicable).
  • Integrates with Comply/Shipper to print DD250, DD1348 or other forms.

Requires a MIL-Comply Labeling license. Works with the Basic Shipper (included).

VSM Automation Pro

This bundle creates a fully eCommerce-driven solution by creating shipments from electronic DLA/DIBBS EDI purchase orders (X12-850), processing shipments with VSM automation, then transmitting Fast Pay DD250s and invoices to WAWF electronically (via EDI). It comes in two variations, depending on your need to process UID data in your WAWF transactions.

Requires a Value-Added Network, such as the Mil-Pac VAN Service (sold separately). MIL-Comply is generally compatible with other DOD-Certified VANs capable of generating EDI X12-850 transactions in plain-text format for import into MIL-Comply.

Bundle: VSM Automation Pro Basic Bundle
This bundle, for companies without UID requirements, is composed of:

Bundle: VSM Automation Pro UID Bundle

This bundle includes UID data processing for Labeling and Shipper:

RFID Labels and WAWF Data

Use of RFID label formats may be added to VSM Automation or either Pro bundle with the following items.

  • RFID Labeling Upgrade (P/N: MCL-RFID-01) adds RFID formats to Comply/Labeling
  • RFID Manager sends RFID Pack Update transactions to WAWF.