VSM Automation enables MIL-Comply to communicate directly with DLA’s Vendor Shipment Module to secure Transportation Control Numbers (TCN) and Shipping Addresses, as well as small parcel (e.g. UPS and FedEx) labels and GBLs.   This eliminates the need to access the DLA VSM web site, and transfer data back and forth.

While VSM is most essentially related to container labeling, Comply/Shipper VSM Integration (VSM Pro) works closely with its DIBBS Automation feature which automatically creates WAWF Receiving Report / Invoice transactions from EDI Purchase Orders transmitted to you by DLA DIBBS.   The VSM Integration collects shipment container dimensions, which are transmitted to VSM in exchange for TCN and Ship-To address data, which is then stored for Mil-Std-129R container labels.   The order is completed by adding an invoice number and then transmitting the DD250 and invoice to WAWF.

Comply/Labeling VSM Automation Option    (P/N: MCL-VSM-1)

The Comply/Labeling VSM Automation option enables the use of the VSM Wizard, which:

  • Collects container dimensions and their associated CLINs and quantities
  • Submits request for shipping instructions to VSM (a VAN is not required)
  • Retrieves TCN, and Ship-To / Mark-For addresses from VSM
  • Retrieves small parcel carrier (e.g. UPS and FedEx) labels (when applicable) for printing
  • Retrieves Government Bill of Lading (GBL) and other transportation documents (when applicable)
  • Prints Mil-Std-129R compliant container and Military Shipment (MSL) labels

Note that VSM Automation transacts through DLA web services, so a Value-Added Network (VAN) is not required as it is for VSM Pro, which sends DD250s to WAWF. Valid VSM credentials are required, as well as the ability to access the VSM website with a valid certificate. These are required by VSM web services for security purposes.

VSM Automation Pro    (P/N: MC-VSMP-01)

Bundles Labeling VSM Automation with eAwards Shipper to achieve a fully eCommerce-driven solution automating DIBBS shipment creation, VSM shipment handling and submission of WAWF Receiving Reports and Invoices. VSM Pro effectively eliminates routine access to those three Government websites.

Requires a Value-Added Network, such as the Mil-Pac VAN Service (sold separately).