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Mil-Pac’s DOD RFID Solution Easily Submits Data to WAWF

Mil-Pac’s DOD RFID Solution Easily Submits Data to WAWF

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Mil-Pac’s Mil-Comply DOD Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solution prints RFID labels and makes the entire process simpler by easily submitting the RFID data to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF).

[Ramona, February 18, 2014] – Mil-Pac’s Mil-Comply DOD Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Solution prints RFID labels and simplifies the entire process through easier data submission to the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). The system solution circumvents many of the difficulties posed by DOD label printing, such as formatting  labels for human-readable and bar coded data, identifying cases and pallets with unique RFID tags, and collecting Unique Identification (UID) marking data for end-items and embedded parts.

The RFID Solution

Mil-Pac’s RFID solution makes label printing easier by providing many RFID label format options, including Mil-Std 129-compliant labels for Exterior Containers, Pallets, Unit Packs, and Military Shipment Labels (MSL). This software streamlines the process by ensuring that the user complies with all of the stringent DOD requirements, which takes the guesswork out of labeling, shipping, and invoicing.

Using Mil-Pac’s solutions software also allows users to submit RFID and UID information into WAWF with just a few clicks. The RFID solution software gives users more flexibility and saves time on typing DOD RFID, and DOD UID numbers into WAWF.

An Integrated Technology

Mil-Pac’s RFID software complies with the DOD RFID Mandate by integrating Mil-Std 129 Barcode Labeling with DOD RFID compliance and WAWF data submission.

Print DOD RFID versions of popular Mil-Std 129 labels include MSLs for both case and pallet, an exterior container label (with or without a UID), a unit pack, and a “Generic” RFID tag for optimal flexibility. The integrated solution also coordinates printing of RFID case and pallet labels, while automatically associating each UID part to an RFID case, and RFID cases to RFID pallets.

RFID technologies simplify the process without compromising the compliance requirements through a combination of hardware and software installations, proving essential to any operation that makes use of such services.

About Mil-Pac

Mil-Pac Technology is a premier developer of programs designed to meet the strict requirements of defense contract packaging and shipping since 1982. The company continues to develop innovative products to automate barcode label generation, DOD-Form processing, and support advanced electronic data interchange (EDI). The company’s software seamlessly integrates the critical compliance phases of an automated DOD supply-chain shipping process.

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