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RFID Companies | System Integrators

RFID Companies | System Integrators

RFID companies, including system integrators, help defense suppliers navigate the complex landscape of military standards,  DOD initiatives and contract requirements.  They help suppliers meet the often substantial compliance burden that comes with RFID labeling, data management and WAWF reporting.

RFID Companies can provide inlays

RFID Inlay

The companies of the RFID industry fall roughly into several categories.

  • RFID printer manufacturers and their dealers
  • Developers of label printing, RFID data management and reporting software
  • Automated RFID data collection systems dealers
  • System integrators, which combine all of the above

Fortunately, for most defense contractors their requirements are simple enough to be met by vendors in just the first two categories.  Suppliers with higher volumes, or complex requirements such as shipping UID items with RFID labeling at unit level, may require assistance from solution providers in the latter two categories.

RFID System Integrator Companies

How Do RFID Companies Benefit Defense Contractors?

Implementing a useful and compliant RFID solution achieves DOD compliance requirements while minimizing impacts on the shipping process. Winning and keeping a supplier contract often relies significantly on the company’s ability to remain in compliance with important regulations, while keeping overhead costs contained. RFID companies draw together hardware and software systems from a variety of suppliers with highly specialized competencies.

For example, translating military shipping regulations into software programs that modernize the defense shipping process requires a company with substantial experience in the defense supply chain.  It also requires a company with practical knowledge of each detail of those processes shipping process.

Software developers have little time to install and maintain RFID hardware.  Nor can they easily provide the same kind physical presence and personal service that RFID system integrators can provide.   Successful RFID system deployments often require a high-level of customer service by people who are intimately familiar with the hardware and can provide supplies and repair services quickly.  This is especially true with printers.

RFID Solutions Focused on DOD Compliance

Mil-Pac offers RFID technologies that assist suppliers with Department of Defense supply chain compliance mandates. Mil-Pac solutions ensure suppliers meet business objectives, such as timely payment, and strengthen their business relationship with DoD through cost-effective compliance to mandates even while increasing speed and accuracy.   To do so, Mil-Pac offers integrated solutions that focus on

These processes can involve a lot of very complicated and interrelated data.  The design goal of every good defense supply chain solution must be to eliminate all redundant data-entry and unnecessary manual processing.  System integrators and other RFID companies add value by providing defense contractors with proper systems and by keeping them operating.