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Military Packing

Military Packing

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Complying with the complex requirements for military packing takes diligence, patience and, surprisingly, technology. Packing supplies for the military takes a keen sense of the requirements, regulations and compliance issues that the military enforces to ensure proper delivery. In the past, suppliers of military supplies relied significantly on manual processes that took large blocks of time to complete packaging, picking and data entry processes. Today, advances in technology streamline the military packing process and using state-of-the-art technologies makes the packing process simpler. Learn more by reading the DCMA Packaging and Marking Guide.

How Can Technology Improve the Military Packing Process?

The Department of Defense utilizes a complex series of tasks that ensure military personnel receive supplies in an efficient and safe manner. Military packing requires that suppliers adhere to a wide range of regulations that ensure supplies are received in optimal condition in a reasonable time. Shipping, tracking and entering information about individual shipments requires suppliers who maintain a handle on their inventory and ensure the timely delivery of each shipment. In the past, manual shipping and tracking processes allowed for multiple human errors.

Today, technology assists suppliers by providing a method simplify packaging while facilitating its consolidation into military standard labeling and WAWF acceptance procedures. Mil-Pac offers a number of software solutions that streamline the military packing process. For example, our Mil-Std-2073 Packaging Database (Pack-2073) supports each of the military’s compliance points through an automated process. Pack-2073 allows your packing team to use an easy-to-follow packing sheet that provides accuracy and precision in the data-entry process. Your staff can input the part and assembly numbers, quantity and container types. In addition, the software makes recording the packaging requirement codes for individual shipments a simpler process. The packaging requirements that are included in electronic purchase orders downloaded from DLA/BSM can now flow seamlessly into the shipping process.

Today’s technologies simplify the military suppliers shipping processes. Purchasing military packing software can improve productivity and streamline business processes. Mil-Pac offers a number of military packing, labeling and WAWF acceptance solutions that you can integrate into your existing logistics programs.


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