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Blog Category:   Labeling

  • RFID Solution
    A full RFID solution exceeds the needs of most defense contractors to print or procure RFID labels and ensure they work as applied.

  • Military Standard Packing
    Military Packing (Mil-Std-2073) is the outer layer ensuring supplies survive shipment and storage, often in extreme conditions.

  • RFID Companies | System Integrators
    RFID companies help defense suppliers navigate the complex landscape of military standards,  DOD initiatives and contract requirements.

  • Mil-Std-129 Revision R Simplifies Labeling
    Revision R of Mil-Std-129 simplifies labeling by replacing numerous linear bar codes with a 2D PDF417 symbol, resulting in smaller labels.

  • Understanding the Military Shipment Label (MSL)
    Understanding use of the Military Shipment Label (MSL) will help ensure your shipments are received accurately so that there are no delays in getting paid.

  • Military Labeling
    Military labeling for DOD suppliers centers on Mil-Std-129 compliance, with IUID, RFID and WAWF features being important considerations.