Mil-Pac Price List

MIL-Comply Software Effective
Description Part
2 – 4
5 – 9
MIL-Comply Labeling   (Basic)
Basic Mil-Std-129R Container Labeling (UID and RFID features not included)
MCL-LBL-01 $     379 $     269 $     235
RFID Labeler — Basic Labeling with RFID printing feature MCL-BSC-RFID1 489 399 369
UID Labeler — Basic Labeling with UID container feature MCL-BSC-UID1 489 399 369
Labeling Complete — Basic Labeling with UID and RFID features MCL-STD-01 599 499 469
VSM Automation Option — adds VSM Integration to any of the Labeling products above, allowing user to retrieve shipping authorization from VSM and print required labels and documents, replacing the need to access VSM web site. MCL-OPT-VSM1 249 219 199
MIL-Comply Shipper    (Basic)
Basic shipment data manager and form generator, includes DD250, DD1348 and DD1149 forms. Shipment data import from business systems (ERP) is included.
MCS-SHIP-01 199 149 129
WAWF Shipper — Basic Shipper plus WAWF feature MCS-WAWS-01 399 299 279
UID Shipper — Basic Shipper plus UID and WAWF feature MCS-UIDS-01 799 599 499
eAwards Shipper — WAWF Shipper with added electronic purchase order (EDI-850) import capability to automate orders from DIBBS, eMall, GSA, etc. Use with the Mil-Pac VAN Service (sold separately). MCS-EMDB-01 799 599 499
Shipper Complete — Shipper with all available options MCS-CMPL-01 999 799 699
VSM Automation Pro
Bundles Labeling VSM Automation with eAwards Shipper to achieve a fully eCommerce-driven solution automating DIBBS shipment creation, VSM shipment handling and submission of WAWF Receiving Reports and Invoices. Use with the Mil-Pac VAN Service (sold separately).
MCV-BLBL-01 1,427 1,087 933
VSM Automation Pro (above) with UID capabilities (includes UID Shipper and UID Labeler) .
MCV-ULBL-01 1,737 1,417 1,267
GSA Quick Label
GSA Quick Label bundles MIL-Comply Basic Labeling and eAwards Shipper to produce Fed-Std-123H and Mil-Std-129R compliant labels, and the DD1348 packing list. GSA EDI orders (from your VAN) can be translated directly into labels, forms and WAWF Receiving Reports and Invoices. Use with the Mil-Pac VAN service (sold separately) to submit WAWF transactions electronically.
MCL-BSC-GSA1 1,179 868 734
RFID Manager
RFID data manager for organizing and submiting RFID Pack Update transactions to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) and/or VIM-ASAP. Required for MIL-Comply Shipper to submit RFID to WAWF in Receiving Reports and Combos.
MC-RFID-LM01 249 219 199
UID Registry Expeditor
Manages transactions with the IUID Registry for GFP Custody and registration of embedded IUID items.
MC-UID-M01 1,495 1,395 1,375
Breaks down Mil-Std-2073 packaging codes into a Packaging Worksheet report. Full support for Mil-Std 2073-1E as well as previous versions, and Mil-Std 2073-2C/1C/1D.
MCP-2073-01 295 199 179
Contracts Manager
Automates shipment generation for longer running contracts. Outstanding balances of items to ship are maintained along with UID and RFID requirements. Contract status reports enhance management shipments.
MC-CON-M01 1,495 1,395 1,375
  1. Prices listed are per seat   (US Dollars).
  2. Discounts are available for ten or more seats. Please call.
  3. Products include free Annual Maintenance Agreement, effective for one year from the date of purchase.
Value Added Network (VAN) Services
Description Part Number Price (USD)
VAN Service
EDI service for electronic data interchange with WAWF, IUID Registry and DLA eBusiness. Includes ongoing coordination with DAAS-GEX and the WAWF, IUID and DLA program offices. Monthly service includes up to 100 transactions per day, 500 MB per month (see VAN Service Agreement for details).  Setup fee additional (below). Requires current maintenance agreement for qualifying product(s).
Monthly VAN Service, billed quarterly. VAN-W-M01 44
Annual VAN Service, billed annually. VAN-W-Y01 424
VAN Account Setup Fee. One-time charge to establish transaction routing through DAAS-GEX to Government end-points (WAWF, UID-Mgr, DIBBS, etc). VAN-W-SET 150
Annual Software Maintenance Agreements
Product Name Part Number 1
2 – 4
5 – 9
Basic Labeling MNT-MCL-LBL1 $      79 $     72 $     65
RFID Labeler MNT-BSC-RFID1 99 93 77
UID Labeler MNT-BSC-UID1 99 93 77
Labeling Complete MNT-MCL-STD 124 109 95
VSM Automation Feature MNT-MCL-VSM 99 94 89
Basic Shipper MNT-SHIP-01 49 39 34
WAWF Shipper MNT-WAWS-01 89 83 69
UID Shipper MNT-UIDS-01 175 159 134
eAwards Shipper MNT-EMDBS-01 175 159 134
Shipper Complete MNT-CMPLS-01 199 179 149
VSM Integration        
VSM Automation (for Labeling) MNT-MCL-VSM 99 94 89
VSM Pro Bundle – Basic MNT-VBL-01 350 325 285
VSM Pro Bundle – UID MNT-UBL-01 374 345 300
GSA Quick Label MNT-BSC-GSA1 254 231 199
RFID Manager MNT-RFID-LM01 99 94 89
Pack 2073 MNT-2073-01 89 84 79
Registry Expeditor MNT-UID-M01 299 279 249
Contracts Manager MNT-CON-01 299 279 249

Software Maintenance Agreements are offered on an annual basis, providing customers with access to enhanced technical support and ongoing feature upgrades and product replacements under the following conditions:

  • Modifications required due to revision of the applicable military standards and/or Federal regulations (including DFARS).
  • Overnight product replacement in the case of loss due to human error or hardware failure (e.g. hard disk crash).
  • Access to no charge upgrades for products with significant improvements, modifications, new features, enhancements and/or corrections.

Exclusions – Enhancements and modifications sold as separate options are not covered by a product’s maintenance agreement. New products and/or options sold separately are not included as part of a maintenance upgrade.

Labels / Laser / Thermal / Pre-Printed
Laser Sheets Mil-Std-129 compliant label stock is available directly
from Ripped Sheets (206-522-3257).
Purchasing Information
Terms and Conditions Mil-Pac products are sold directly to users and are shipped from stock, generally within 1 business day. Net 30 terms accepted on purchase orders with approval of credit. Most credit cards accepted. Software may be returned within 14 days for a refund (see Return Policy for details).
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