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Macro PDF417 Barcodes for Mil-Std-129

Macro PDF417 Barcodes for Mil-Std-129

Macro PDF417 for Mil-Std-129 Label

Mil-Std-129 Macro PDF417 Label

The Macro PDF417 barcode overcomes the space limitations of the standard symbol for Mil-Std-129R UID container labels. Traditionally, only the first five UIDs would be included in a label’s PDF417 symbol, with the remainder being relegated to a separate barcoded serial number list. That list is still required, but the Macro PDF417 barcode allows for all UIIs to be included by distributing the data over as many PDF417 symbols as is necessary.

Macro PDF417 barcodes are a challenge for systems designed to read the single, standalone symbol. That is because none of them contain the complete UID Container data structure defined by Mil-Std-129. Effective solutions fall into two categories:

  • Specialized scanning software that can pick up the symbols, which may be read in any order and multiple times, and stitch together a result that is compliant with the data structure defined by Mil-Std-129.
  • Specialized scanners that can do the same thing internally and produce a result that appears to be the scan of a single label.

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