Organize Contracts and See Outstanding Deliverables At-a-Glance

Comply/Contracts uses a contract definition to automatic WAWF transactions as well as drive labeling. Shipments are created by simply selecting a CLIN to ship and specifying the quantity to ship. A Ship-To address can be added if not defined in the contract. UIDs, including embedded UID items can be added.

Mil-Std-129 Labeling can be driven either by shipments drawn from the Contracts database, or using the MIL-Comply Parts Database it shares. RFID data generated by Labeling can be submitted to WAWF as part of a Contracts shipment Receiving Report, or as a separate Pack Update.

Comply/Contracts includes more than a dozen reports to help keep track of the progress of a contract and outstanding deliverables. In essence, Comply/Contracts adds a contract-level of organization to the rest of the MIL-Comply capabilities.