Print DOD UID Labels and Submit UID Data to WAWF

The DOD UID Mandate (Department of Defense Unique Identification) has created many challenges for DOD suppliers. In addition to marking parts, DOD suppliers are required to submit UID data to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). When contracts call for both UID and RFID compliance suppliers are also required to submit detailed data to WAWF.  This includes a unique RFID identifier for each case and a listing of all UID-marked parts inside each case.  When cases are on pallets, that relationship must also be detailed.

The MIL-Comply solution integrates IUID processing into all aspects of its shipping workflow, providing a simple and seamless solution over the entire IUID Life Cycle.  With MIL-Comply you may:

  • Collect UID data while labeling and/or producing WAWF Receiving Reports.
  • Quickly add UID data to Mil-Std 129R shipping labels, and automatically correlate to RFID tags when used.
  • Easily submit UID data in WAWF Receiving Reports, including embedded UID items.
  • Quickly correlate UIDs to RFID and submit to WAWF with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Print Mil-Std-130 UID part mark labels using laser and thermal transfer printers.

MIL-Comply submits UID data to WAWF and the UID Registry so you do not have to log into either system.   UIDs entered for container labeling are automatically available for electronic submission as a WAWF Receiving Report. 

  • Simple methods for entering/importing IUID data for WAWF Receiving Reports submitted electronically
  • Register UIDs by including them in electronic WAWF Receiving Reports
  • Register embedded UIDs by submitting on WAWF Receiving Report or directly to the DOD UID Registry

There are four easy ways to add UID data to MIL-Comply

  • Paste UIDs, including embedded UIDs, when printing labels or preparing WAWF Receving Report
  • Import UID data from other systems
  • Generate UID data while creating WAWF Receiving Reports or Mil-Std-129/130 labels
  • Scan UID barcode on the parts

Comply/Labeling can print Mil-Std-129 container labels and simple Mil-Std-130 part mark labels to thermal-transfer printers.

  • Print Mil-Std-130 DOD IUID Permanent Part Labels
  • Print Mil-Std-129 Container Labels (including  2D UID barcode per Revision R)
  • Print RFID Container Labels with 2D UID Barcode for compliance with DOD UID and RFID Mandates
  • Print UID/Serial Number lists (for containers with more than five items).
Government-Furnished Property (GFP) service contracts present a new set of challenges to contractors, even those already used to dealing with Wide-Area Workflow (WAWF).

The first challenge is to ensure that items are shipped on a Reparable Receiving Report (RRR) rather than the standard Receiving Report (RR/DD250) used for new acquisition. Besides being a violation of DFARS, WAWF will reject RRs for items in the UID/IUID Registry. Shipping an unregistered GFP item on a standard RR creates a big problem because the item is registered as newly acquired at the cost of repair, entering service on the ship date.

Learn more about MIL-Comply GFP Automation.