Print RFIDs / Submit to WAWF

Generic RFID Case Label

Even before RFID, printing DOD shipping labels was tough enough. Every label had to be correctly formatted and contain accurate human-readable and barcoded data. Now suppliers must also identify cases and pallets with unique RFID tags and report the RFID and shipment data to WAWF (Wide Area Workflow). Add to that the requirement to identify any UID (Unique Identification)-marked parts and it can become a pretty difficult challenge.

Mil-Pac’s MIL-Comply DOD RFID Solution prints RFID labels and easily submits RFID data to WAWF.

  • Flexible RFID label options include Mil-Std 129-compliant labels for Unit Packs, Exterior Containers and Military Shipment Labels (MSLs) [see samples].
  • Use Mil-Pac software to submit RFID and UID data to WAWF with just a few mouse clicks, no matter how many RFID tags there are.
  • Never type another DOD RFID or DOD UID number into WAWF!

Integrated Solution for DOD RFID Mandate Compliance

By integrating Mil-Std-129 Barcode Labeling with DOD RFID compliance and WAWF data submission, Mil-Pac’s RFID software makes compliance with the DOD RFID Mandate as easy as just printing labels.

  • Print RFID versions of popular Mil-Std 129 labels
    • Military Shipment Label (MSL) for both Case and Pallet
    • Exterior Container Label, with and without UID
    • Unit Pack
    • “Generic” RFID tag for complete flexibility
  • Print Pallet and Case RFID labels in one print job
    • Automatically associate UID parts to RFID cases
    • Automatically associate RFID cases to RFID pallets
  • Submit WAWF pack data with just a few mouse clicks in less than 1 minute; no more typing RFID or UID data into WAWF!
  • Compatible with all leading RFID printers

Sample MIL-Comply RFID Labels

Mil-Std-129 Exterior RFID Container Label with IUIDs
Mil-Std-129 RFID Case with IUIDs
Mil-Std-129 MSL with RFID

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