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RFID Discrepancy Email to Supplier, Inspector and Acceptor

RFID Discrepancy Email to Supplier, Inspector and Acceptor

Missing WAWF RFID Data?

WAWF is happy to let you send in your RFID data later, just click the Pack Later option. But don’t forget to send that data because WAWF is watching. If you fail to submit your RFID data to WAWF you will begin to receive “reminder” emails every day until you either submit the RFID data or tell WAWF that you aren’t going to submit the RFID data (and why).

The justification for this is that growing numbers of DOD supplier shipments are arriving at destination with RFID tags affixed, but without the receiving activity having received the RFID pack from WAWF.  As a result, items are  coded as discrepant and manual efforts to research the situations are required. Acceptors are also unable to accept shipments in WAWF, which delays payment to DOD suppliers.

This happens when a vendor selects the Pack Later option in WAWF or on a WAWF DD250 Receiving Report (RR) and then fails to submit the RFID pack data or submits the RFID pack data after the items have been shipped.

A. WAWF will send automated email messages to the following email

  1. The ORG Email address for the vendor.
  2. All Secondary email addresses designated by the vendor.
  3. The personal email address of the WAWF user who submitted the RR for
    the vendor.
  4. The ORG email address of the DoDAAC which accepted the Receiving
    Report for Source Acceptance, or for Source Inspection when final
    acceptance is at Destination or Other (Source Inspection/Destination
    Acceptance or Source Inspection/Acceptance at Other).
  5. The personal email address of the Inspector who accepted the Receiving
    Report in WAWF or inspected the Receiving Report for S/D or S/O.

B.  The email message to the vendor’s secondary email addresses should
be sent to all addresses regardless of the email options setting (“All
Emails”, “Negative Emails”, or “No Emails”).

C.  The email message will be sent to the personal email address of the
Inspector who signed the Receiving Report for acceptance, or to the inspector
who inspected the receiving report when the inspection/acceptance terms are
Source/Destination or Source/Other.

D.  WAWF will send the email messages beginning one day after the
Inspector took action and Pack data were still not added.  WAWF will
continue to send the messages each day afterwards until the vendor adds the
RFID Pack data manually or via an RFID Pack Update transaction.

If you aren’t fully complying with the DOD RFID mandate, you need to start now. Just because you have gotten away with it in the past doesn’t mean that you can get away with it in the future.

If you need a way to sending RFID data, without typing it into WAWF, Mil-Pac can help you with that.  We have RFID label printing systems that automatically collect RFID data for electronic submission along with complete WAWF automation systems.