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DOD UID Labeling and WAWF Submission

Print DOD UID Labels and Submit UID Data to WAWF

The DOD UID Mandate (Department of Defense Unique Identification) has created many challenges for DOD suppliers who are unfamiliar with how the UID System works. In addition to marking parts, DOD suppliers are required to submit UID data to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) and/or the DOD UID Registry. When contracts call for both UID and RFID compliance, the DOD suppliers are also required to submit an advance shipment notification to WAWF which includes a unique RFID identifier for each pallet and for each case and a detailed listing of all UID-marked parts inside each case.

Mil-Pac's MIL-Comply, a DOD UID Solution integrates UID processing into all aspects of its shipping workflow, providing a simple and seamless solution.

Forget about typing UID or RFID identifiers into WAWF or the DOD UID Registry!

MIL-Comply   Mil-Pac's Integrated Solution for DOD UID Compliance