Mil-Std-129 Revision R introduced significant changes to labeling requirements.  Comply/Labeling supports a wide range of label formats, including the older formats in order to meet specific contract requirements. See the Guide to Mil-Std-129 for information on bar code labeling requirements.

A representative sampling of the Mil-Std-129R label formats is included below. The most current list of Revision R compliant formats may be found in the downloadable MIL-Comply Label Samples (PDF).

Comply/Labeling also includes GSA and IUID labels IAW Mil-Std-130N. This is not a complete list of available formats, but rather representative of the commonly used labels.

Mil-Std-129 Revision R  

RFID Labels for DOD Mandate

Mil-Std-130 Unique ID (UID) Labels

GSA Labels – Fed-Std-123H

Mil-Std-129 Rev P

Other Compliance Labels

General Purpose Labels