Printing RFID labels and putting them on containers is just the beginning of DOD shipping compliance. Some would say it is the easy part. For every RFID label shipped, you must report the tag ID to WAWF along with the quantity of the CLINs in the container. And report any UIDs in the containers. Add pallets and the shipment data can get very complex. Submitting an RFID Pack Update to WAWF is a good alternative to entering the data, and there can be a lot of it, into the web site manually.

RFID Pack Update for WAWF

RFID and IUID Data Submitted to WAWF

After printing labels there are three ways to get the RFID data into Wide Area Workflow:

  • Manually enter the data into the WAWF web application
  • Include it in an electronic WAWF DD250 Receiving Report (EDI)
  • Send an RFID Pack Update (EDI)

Pack Updates attach themselves to WAWF Receiving Reports as if they were included in it.  The RFID Pack Later option is selected when the Receiving Report (DD250) is created, either manually or via EDI.   The Receiving Report may then be processed normally, with the assumption that the RFID data will be supplied prior to delivery.   WAWF will send you emails to remind/harass you until you submit the data.

One thing to keep in mind is that the IUIDs reported as shipped on the DD250 Receiving Report must be included in the Pack Update.   This data needs to be collected when printing IUID Labels for RFID containers.

To simplify things Comply/Labeling collects CLIN and RFID data as it prints Case labels and associated Pallet labels, keeping track of the IUIDs in each Case.  This data may be automatically included in electronic WAWF DD250 Receiving Report (EDI), part of MIL-Comply’s WAWF Automation solution.  It is quick and easy, and eliminates all of that exhausting manual data entry, which can easily result in errors.

WAWF RFID Pack Updates

The WAWF Pack Update transaction allows companies to send RFID separately from their DD250s.   This allows for

  • Finalization of RFID data after QAR acceptance of shipment
  • Electronic submission of RFID data from DD250s created in WAWF
  • Submission of RFID data by
    • Third-party logistics (3PL) providers,
    • Sub-divisions or related entities of prime contractor

Pack Updates are generally printed on a MIL-Comply RFID Pack Report or on the WAWF DD250, which includes an indicator at the top of whether RFID was included on the Receiving Report or via a Pack Update.   Learn more about sending RFIDs to WAWF.