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Mil-Std-129R Barcode Labeling with UID / RFID

RFID-enabled MSL

RFID Labeling

Comply/Labeling supports RFID-enabled Mil-Std-129 compliant label formats:

  • Exterior Container for
    • Case RFID tagging
    • Pallet tags
  • Unit Container (UID)
  • Military Shipment Labels

Plus generic RFID formats for complete flexibility.

UIDs are automatically associated with RFID-tagged containers for automatic WAWF submission.

Comply/Labeling is Mil-Pac's fourth-generation solution for Mil-Std-129 labeling. Robust and user-friendly it is the fast and easy way to generate compliant labels for unit and exterior containers as well Military Shipment Labels (MSL's).

The robust collection of Mil-Std-129R label formats includes fully integrated RFID and UID.  Includes Fed-Std-123H formats for GSA suppliers. Intuitive user interfaces and databases for parts and addresses simplify creation of all the labels you need for defense shipments.

Leverage your Labeling data by using it with

  • Comply/Shipper to create Receiving Reports and Invoices.
  • eAwards option to instantly label DLA DIBBS purchase orders (EDI)
  • UID Manager to label GFP shipments
  • VSM Automation make DLA shipments with the need to use DLA's VSM website.

Add the Comply RFID Load Manager to generate the WAWF RFID Pack Update transaction for a complete DOD RFID Mandate solution.

Just need Military Shipment Labels? MIL-Comply MSL makes printing military MSLs for DOD shipments fast and easy … and free. Print fully compliant labels to any standard windows printer.

MIL-Comply Labeling Product Tour

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MIL-Comply Labeling product features, screens and short descriptions.
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Printer Compatibility

MIL-Comply Labeling is compatible with all standard Windows printers (laser and ink-jet), and with most popular thermal-transfer and RFID printers, including: