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VAN Service

Mil-Pac VAN (Value-Added Network)
Mil-Pac VAN

The Mil-Pac Value-Added Network (VAN) has been in service since 1999, supporting WAWF, DLA (DIBBS, EMall, VMI, IRM), the IUID Registry and other defense initiatives. Communications with the Mil-Pac VAN are highly integrated into Mil-Pac products. In fact, the Mil-Pac VAN exists only to allow Mil-Pac software to interchange with DoD activities. This allows us to provide very specialized technical support and keep the cost very low.  Read more about DOD-certified VANs.

Use of the Mil-Pac VAN is not required for MIL-Comply. Users are free to use a direct SFTP/SSH2 WAWF connection or their own VAN (if compatible). The downside is that Mil-Pac loses visibility of transactions, making it difficult for Mil-Pac to provide support. A direct SFTP/SSH connection requires a SFTP/SSH client for each user, and getting WAWF network security approval and JITC certification. All of this would fall outside of Mil-Pac’s support purview.

What is SFTP/SSH2?

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a common method of transferring files over the Internet. When done in a Secure Shell (SSH2) it is referred to as SFTP over SSH2 (SFTP/SSH2).

The term SFTP transaction is often used to refer to non-X12 WAWF transactions, which are more properly called User-Defined Format (UDF).

The Mil-Pac VAN is considerably easier to setup and use. Just plug in an access key and start sending transactions to WAWF. Its use allows our technical support team to directly assist should problems arise with shipments or invoices.

Value-Added Network Benefits

  • Superior Technical Support – Mil-Pac’s acclaimed support – versus the WAWF Help Desk
  • No SSH/SFTP Client to buy or support – VAN communications are a seamless part of Mil-Pac software
  • Setup is quick and easy – without support from your internal IT resources.
  • Immediate Availability – No lengthy delays due to:
    • Security Screening (DD2875 approval is not required)
    • JITC Testing – Mil-Pac is certified by DLA and DAAS, and undergoes regular JITC testing
  • Trace-ability / Accountability
    • As a DoD-certified VAN, Mil-Pac can provide evidence of transaction submission from archives, something not available with SFTP/SSH2 submissions.
    • Government provides electronic receipt for each transaction submitted via the Mil-Pac VAN
    • Transaction errors can be readily diagnosed – SFTP/SSH2 transactions are inaccessible after submission, creating a technical support challenge.
  • Pro-active support – transaction results are monitored for translation failures
  • Notifications of selection transaction types, such as inbound purchase orders, IUID Registry Responses, and EDI failures.
  • Low cost – less than $40 per month – no charge per transaction (See Note 1)
  • Good value – fast service, expert support
  • Transactions DLA Contract Awards (meets DLA EDI requirements)
  • Supports Direct IUID Registry transactions


  1. To prevent abuse, Mil-Pac reserves the right to charge a negotiable fee for overuse of its network, considered to be in excess of one hundred (100) transactions per day or five-hundred megabytes (500Mbytes) of data per month, after a sixty-day (60) notice to the customer.
  2. For more information see the VAN Service Agreement.