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What WAWF Can Do For Your Business

What WAWF Can Do For Your Business

Doing business with government agencies can be complicated. Knowing the necessary steps to take, though, makes the process easier. For one, you need to be familiar with Wide Area Workflow.
Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) is a secure web-based application for online invoicing, receipt, and acceptance. It provides government contractors with a convenient way of submitting and tracking invoices as along with receipt and acceptance documents. As the entire process is done electronically, government personnel can process those invoices in real time. An excellent benefit of using WAWF is that it makes paperless transactions possible.

If you’re a contractor who wishes to transact with the government, the WAWF system can provide you with the following:

Send invoices and receive reports in real time

Using WAWF, you can send all relevant documents over the Web or through File Transfer Protocol or Direct Electronic Data Interchange. The system creates a virtual folder, combining the three necessary documents before a government agency releases payment: the invoice, acceptance report, and the contract.

Be paid on time

Getting paid on-time is a major concern of many government contractors. Due to lost financial documents, there can be delays with the payments. With WAWF, all parties involved can reduce the incidence of lost documents. It also facilitates faster document routing.

View document status

WAWF allows you to monitor the progress of the transaction in real time. It provides you with online access to let you view the status of relevant documentations.

Be updated through e-mails from government personnel

The system allows you to receive updates from the government inspection. It also informs you if your invoice is rejected.  Wide Area Workflow is the government’s preferred method for processing request for payment electronically. Integrating WAWF to your business system will allow you to manage contract data. The data is useful for enabling Mil-Std-129 labeling and/or generate WAWF Acceptance, invoice and radio-frequency identification (RFID) transactions.

If you are thinking about doing business with government agencies, especially with the Department of Defense, learn about how WAWF automation can benefit your company.