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WAWF without a Web Browser

WAWF without a Web Browser

How do I get data into WAWF without typing data into Internet Explorer? Will the DOD mind if I do it this way? Will I get paid?

All good questions! From day 1 the DOD knew that using WAWF’s web interface,  through a web browser like Internet Explorer, would be useful mostly for suppliers with very small and infrequent shipments and for other suppliers just  starting up, and that other suppliers would need a way to load data more efficiently.

So they provided an alternative method of updating WAWF-a transactional interface. That’s just a computer term for putting the entire shipment together and then submitting the shipment as a single file, rather than filling in all the fields in a collection of web screens. Here’s how it works:

  • Use a piece of DOD-savvy software to build a transaction file with all your shipment data
  • Send the transaction file to WAWF through an approved communication method (your software should know how to do this with just a press of a button)
  • WAWF posts the transaction in exactly the same manner and to the same fields as if you had typed in the data (except that you saved all that time that it would have taken you)
  • WAWF makes the same notifications to your customer that it would have if you had typed in the data

It all works the same way, except that you didn’t have to do all that repetitive typing!

Automating WAWF
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