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RFID: Increasing Efficiency in Logistics

RFID: Increasing Efficiency in Logistics

Acronyms may be the most intimidating things in the world. After all, nothing says “this is an important thing you should know about” than an acronym. This is an unfortunate attitude considering that acronyms exist to make things simpler to understand.

An important example of this is RFID, the use of radio frequency identification to increase efficiency in the logistic operations of the Department of Defense (DoD). More than just another fancy acronym, this technological marvel makes logistic operations easier for military personnel. Mil-Pac Technology’s RFID system is used by both the military and defense contractors for their contract shipments to the DoD.

How do RFIDs work?

RFIDs work by using radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data. The DoD uses the technology for automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to containers. This allows the military to accurately track important shipments, and let the receiving parties know their content without even reading the labels. Unlike barcoded labels, you may not even know a package has an RFID tag. But the defense depots certainly do, and rely on them to speed the receiving process.

Before RFIDs were introduced, printed barcode labels had to be scanned by hand, one at a time, each susceptible to error due to eventual fatigue of the personnel in charge. This led to confusion and potentially disastrous mistakes, forcing the concerned departments to implement an automated system to handle such responsibilities, RFIDs were part of that system.

RFID: The big picture

Though RFID is part of a greater system, it’s a system on its own with both software and hardware technologies that ease the tracking process and streamline the delivery. RFID use is required of suppliers to meet compliance requirements set by the military to ensure efficiency, as well as safety.

Over the past thirty years, the DoD has grown to recognize and trust Mil-Pac as the industry leader in providing defense contractors with the logistics software systems that make it possible for them to quickly and effectively meet the demanding requirements of shipping in compliance with military standards and regulations.

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