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MIL-STD 129: A Closer Look

MIL-STD 129: A Closer Look

MIL-STD 129 is receiving greater attention today, as more new contracts are including the requirement to use Radio Frequency Identification technology. RFID technology is swiftly emerging as the main choice for accurate tracking of goods across different industries. The US DoD, for one, has been using a standardized label and tagging system to manage and track military containers and pallets going to locations worldwide.

If you’re planning to supply goods for the Department of Defense, you will need to adhere with the Military Labeling Standards. The most common standard is MIL-STD 129, which includes the use of RFID.

The Basics

The Department of Defense uses MIL-STD 129 to maintain standardization while tracking the shipped military equipment. As it has been approved for the shipment usage, other government agencies are starting to use this packaging. As a result, they can track those shipments for better field management.

MSL and Exterior Markings

All shipments require the use of the Military Shipment Label (MSL) and military standard container labels.  Many contracts require RFID-tags on containers.

The markings usually consist of both human readable and barcoded information.
MIL-STD 129 Revision R includes additional mandates for the use two-dimensional barcode systems on container labels. If you are about to ship a minimum amount of package to the DoD, preprinted labels are an economical choice.

The Complete Solution with Mil-Pac Technology

Mil-Pac Technology has a range of products and services to help you meet the requirements of DoD packaging and labeling. We have been developing software and designing labeling systems specifically for the defense industry for over 30 years. As a result, we understand the challenges of the most demanding client applications and offer solutions that comply with the DoD standards. With Mil-Pac, you are sure to meet the military shipping standards, allowing you to avoid additional costs and shipment delays.

We provide services to simplify the DoD compliance packaging and labeling processes.  Learn more about military standard labeling.   Call us now for sales and technical support.