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What’s in My UID?

What’s in My UID?

There are several numbering schemes that the government will allow you to use
as UID data, such as VINs (vehicle identification numbers) and Aircraft Tail

For the majority of us, we have a choice between “Type 1” and “Type 2”

Both Type 1 and Type 2 UIDs start with an enterprise identifier (nearly
always your CAGE code).

Type 1 UIDs then have a sequential counter (first UID is CAGE followed by
“1”, second UID is CAGE followed by “2”, etc.).

CAGE + Sequential Counter
1HLD9 + 00001
1HLD9 + 00002
1HLD9 + 00003

Type 2 UIDs instead use a part number and the part’s serial number.

CAGE + Part + Serial Number
1HLD9 + AGF0014 + 67GG14
1HLD9 + YTT07AA + 67GG23
1HLD9 + AGF0014 + 67GH30

If you use Type 1 UIDs you have a greater need for a “UID Data Management
System” which keeps track of which UID goes with which part and serial number.
These systems cost tens of thousands of dollars to start, require on-site system
installers and trainers, and have hefty annual fees.

Type 2 UIDs are pretty simple because they use part numbers, which you
already manage, and serial numbers, which you also probably already manage.

Our advise is for most suppliers to use Type 2 unless you find some
deal-breaker that forces you to go with Type 1.

Key Questions about UID Planning
This article is an excerpt from the DOD Suppliers Guide
– “Ten Key Questions about your UID Plan.”