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UID and RFID Data Correlation for WAWF

UID and RFID Data Correlation for WAWF

For Contracts with both UID and RFID requirements, UID-marked parts are
placed into RFID-marked exterior containers. And you have to keep track of which
specific UID is in which specific RFID. And you can have multiple UIDs in an
RFID and multiple RFIDs for a single UID and parts of multiple UIDs in multiple
RFIDs. And then there are RFID pallets on which you put RFID exterior containers
in which you put UID parts. It can get pretty complicated.

Once you get your shipment marked, packaged, labeled and otherwise ready for
shipment, you have to tell WAWF all about your shipment hierarchy. You need a
plan to correlate all that data easily and submit it in a batch transaction
without typing all those long IDs.

What do we mean by “correlated data?” Here’s the kind of hierarchical data
that you must submit to Wide Area Workflow for a UID/RFID shipment –

  • Contract DLA900-89-X-1234, Shipment MPT0001
  • CLIN 0001, 8 EA
  • Pallet RFID 2F02031484C44390000000FF
    • Case RFID 2F12031484C4439000000100
      • UID D1HLD9787420000001
      • UID D1HLD9787420000002
    • Case RFID 2F12031484C4439000000101
      • UID D1HLD9787420000003
      • UID D1HLD9787420000004
  • Pallet RFID 2F02031484C4439000000132
    • Case RFID 2F12031484C4439000000103
      • UID D1HLD9787420000005
      • UID D1HLD9787420000012
    • Case RFID 2F12031484C4439000000104
      • UID D1HLD9787420000077
      • UID D1HLD9787420000014

The less you have to think about all the separate elements in this list, the
better off you are. Ideally, and for most suppliers this can be true, you just
create your data as you print your labels and then submit the data to WAWF

Key Questions about UID Planning
This article is an excerpt from the DOD Suppliers Guide
– “Ten Key Questions about your UID Plan.”