UID Guide Topics

  • Do I have a UID requirement?
  • For which Contracts and Parts do I have a requirement?
  • Do I have end-item UID parts only, or do I also have embedded UID parts?
  • What data will I include in the UID?
  • How will I Register the UID data?
  • How will I mark the UID data on the packaging and shipping containers?
  • How will I correlate UID and RFID data?
  • How will I submit all that correlated data to WAWF?
  • ...and more!

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Ten Key Questions about your UID Plan
  - A DOD Supplier's Guide

You've probably heard the old adage, "failing to plan is planning to fail." Nowhere is this truer than it is for supplier compliance.

Automating WAWF eBook

The requirement for U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) suppliers to comply with the UID (Unique Identification) mandate isn't just the addition of one more contract requirement - it's more like multiplication.


A sensible approach can take a lot of the sting out of UID compliance.

With proper education and planning you can save significant cash and keep your customer happy (relatively). But a make-it-up-as-you-go approach is going to cost you - cash, aggravation, and customer trust.

There are lots of resources available to learn the nuts & bolts of UID, so much resources in fact that it is extremely difficult to glean out the exact nuggets that you need. This Guide is not a recasting of the UID mandate. Rather we pull together the information you need, giving you a place to start. We'll tell you how to put together a workable plan and put that plan into action.

After reading this Guide you will be ready to start assembling the nuts & bolts needed to succeed in this new challenge. You'll have a much easier time sifting through the vast amount of information available from the government and from industry, recognizing the information that you need and skipping over the information that doesn't apply to you or doesn't help you.