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Purchasing Mil-Pac Products

Mil-Pac products may be purchased online, over the phone or by faxed purchase order. Most products are shipped from stock, generally within 24 hours. Net 30 terms accepted on purchase orders, on approval of credit.   Most credit cards are accepted.

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Email the Sales Department, or call 760-788-3030 for assistance.

Mil-Pac Products Price List

MIL-Comply Products Effective
Name Description Part Number 1-Seat Price 2 to 4
5 to 9
MIL-Comply Labeling Basic Mil-Std-129 Container Labeling without additional UID or RFID features MCL-LBL-01 $ 379 $ 269 $ 235
RFID Labeler - basic MIL-Comply Labeling with RFID Option MCL-BSC-RFID1 489 399 369
  UID Labeler - basic MIL-Comply Labeling with UID Option MCL-BSC-UID1 489 399 369
  Labeling Complete - entire MIL-Comply Labeling package, including the RFID and UID options MCL-STD-01 599 499 469
MIL-Comply Shipper Basic shipment data manager and form generator, includes DD250, DD1348 and DD1149 forms. Shipment data import from business systems (ERP) is included. MCS-SHIP-01 199 149 129
WAWF Shipper - basic Shipper plus WAWF option MCS-WAWS-01 399 299 279
  UID Shipper - basic Shipper plus UID and WAWF options MCS-UIDS-01 799 599 499
  EMall/DIBBS Shipper - basic Shipper plus the WAWF and electronic purchase order (EDI-850) download (eAward) options MCS-EMDB-01 799 599 499
  Shipper Complete - MIL-Comply Shipper with all available options MCS-CMPL-01 999 799 699
RFID Manager

MIL-Comply RFID Manager creates and submits RFID Pack Update transactions to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) and/or VIM-ASAP. It enables submission of RFID data with MIL-Comply Shipper generated WAWF Receiving Reports. MC-RFID-LM01 249 199 189

Pack-2073 provides easy to follow Packaging Worksheet for your packaging team's use. Full support for Mil-Std 2073-1E as well as previous versions. Supports Mil-Std 2073-1E as well as Mil-Std 2073-2C/1C/1D. MCP-2073-01 295 199 179

Prices listed are per seat. Discounts may be available for ten or more seats. Products include Annual Maintenance Agreement, effective for one year from the date of purchase.
Value Added Network (VAN) Services
Name Description Part Number Monthly Price Annual

EDI transaction processing for WAWF. Monthly service includes 750 transactions. Additional transactions are billed at $0.27 each. Setup fee additional (below). Billed quarterly by credit card. Prices listed to the right are for one month, one quarter or one year, respectively. VAN-W-M01

$   44

$ 424
VAN Setup
Initiation fee for setup of VAN account. Includes DISA configuration and support during mandatory certification testing by JITC. VAN-W-SET 150 N/A 
Annual Software Maintenance Agreements
Name Description Part Number 1-Seat Price 2 to 4
5 to 9
MIL-Comply Labeling
(Price per Seat)
       Basic Labeler MNT-MCL-LBL1
$   79
$    72 $    65
       RFID Labeler MNT-BSC-RFID1
93 77
       UID Labeler MNT-BSC-UID1
93 77
       Labeling Complete MNT-MCL-STD
109 95
MIL-Comply Shipper  
       Basic Shipper MNT-SHIP-01
   39    34
       WAWF Shipper MNT-WAWS-01
83 69
       UID Shipper MNT-UIDS-01
159 134
       EMall/DIBBS Shipper MNT-EMDBS-01
159 134
       Shipper Complete MNT-CMPLS-01
179 149


MIL-Comply RFID Manager






MIL-Comply Pack 2073






MIL-Comply Contracts






Software Maintenance Agreements
are offered on an annual basis, providing customers with access to enhanced technical support and ongoing feature upgrades, and product replacements under the following conditions:

  • Revisions required due to modification of the applicable military standards and/or Federal Acquisition Regulations (including DFARS).
  • Overnight product replacement in the case of loss due to human error or hardware failure (e.g. hard disk crash).
  • No charge upgrade availability for products with significant improvements, modifications, new features and enhancements.

Exclusions - Enhancements and modifications sold as separate options are not covered by a product's maintenance agreement. New products and/or options sold separately are not included as part of a maintenance upgrade.

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) / Inventory Records Management (IRM)

DVD Order Manager

Automated support for DLA contracts requiring manufacturing to bonded-storage(ship-in-place) and shipment on demand via EDI-940/945 transactions for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Inventory Records Management (IRM) (see Note 2). Supports HTML-based contract status reporting.



  1. All software is licensed on a per seat basis.
  2. Separate charges may apply for Mil-Pac Value-Added-Network (VAN) services, if used. Generally compatible with other DoD-certified VANs and direct FTP connection to WAWF. Additional software may be required.
Labels  -  Laser / Thermal / Pre-Printed

Laser Sheets

Mil-Std compliant label stock is available directly from Ripped Sheets (206-522-3257).

Purchasing Information

Terms and Conditions

Mil-Pac products are sold directly to users and are shipped from stock, generally within 24 hours. Net 30 terms accepted on purchase orders, on approval of credit.  Most credit cards accepted.

Mil-Pac Sales

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