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RFID Software Solutions

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The Department of Defense (DoD) and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) continue to ramp up enforcement of the DoD RFID Mandate making compliance a reality for most contractors, as required by amendments to the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). Compliance with the mandates is an important factor in efficiently tracking materials through the vast DoD supply chain, reducing waste and ensuring necessary equipment gets to where it is needed on time.

In addition to implementation of the RFID Mandate, updates to the Mil-Std-129P labeling standard have increased the number of required elements. Change Notice 4 requires a new 2D PDF417 symbol and data structure. These changes have significant compliance impacts, particularly for containers with items requiring Unique Identifier (UID) markings.

The mandates require the submission of all RFID and UID data to the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) system. Some Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) contracts also require a separate Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN) that must be submitted via electronic data interchange (EDI), in addition to submission of an invoice to WAWF. Many contractors are finding it increasingly difficult to comply with each piece of the various mandates.

Mil-Pac Technology can help contractors streamline the process using RFID software solutions to manage their RFID and UID data and submit it to WAWF. Our MIL-Comply DOD RFID Solution can bring DoD contractors into compliance with the RFID Mandate. The MIL-Comply DOD RFID Solution easily prints RFID Mil-Std-129 labels. In addition, contractors can use generic labels, which offer maximum flexibility.

Wide Area Workflow Integration

The WAWF system, primarily designed to replace paper DD250s with online receipt and acceptance, also serves as a conduit for other systems. Invoices generated in WAWF flow to DFAS for payment. Unique Identifiers (UIDs) flow to the UID Registry. RFIDs and associated UIDs flow to the depots to automate receiving. The MIL-Comply DOD RFID Solution integrates and streamlines these WAWF data processes, ensuring fast and easy submission of accurate data.

Our RFID software allows contractors to automatically organize and submit all RFID data to WAWF. The process can be completed in just a few mouse clicks. Whether you are creating 1 label or 1000, the MIL-Comply DOD RFID Solution requires little effort, even with palletized unit loads.

In addition, you can print many types of Mil-Std-129P compliant labels and choose which to use with RFID. The MIL-Comply DOD RFID Solution creates exterior container labels, with or without Unique Identifiers (UID). The software also creates Military Shipment Labels (MSL) and Unit Packs. Contractors can create pallet and case RFIDs in one print job. The UID can be associated with the RFID at the case or item level, and RFID cases can be automatically associated with RFID pallets for quick and easy upload to WAWF. A detailed pack report showing RFID pallets, cases and UIDs can be printed to support quality assurance before submitting to WAWF.

The WAWF submission process can be difficult without an automated solution. Without electronic processing, contractors must enter and organize UID and RFID data into WAWF manually. The MIL-Comply DOD RFID Solution will automatically organize and submit UID and RFID data to WAWF, with a few clicks of the mouse. This data can be submitted as part of a Receiving Report/Combo, or a separate Pack Update.

Getting supplies to the troops in the field is critical to the success of any military. New technologies make processing, tracking and distributing goods in the armed services a faster and more reliable process. The RFID mandate streamlines the DoD supply chain. Contractors must clearly mark each container, comply with RFID and UID mandates and submit accurate data, and thus benefiting from faster payment when done correctly. Mil-Pac Technology offers WAWF and RFID software that makes compliance a much simpler task ensuring faster payments.

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