WAWF Automation eBook
WAWF Automation eBook

WAWF Automation makes submitting shipment data to WAWF much more efficient than typing into WAWF’s web screens.

Benefits of Automating WAWF

  • Much less time spent re-typing the same data.
  • Fewer errors since less data is manually typed.
  • Fewer urgent tasks since data can be prepared and queued ahead of time.
  • Eliminate 90% of initial data entry through the automation of downloading contract data.
  • Auto-generate RFID & UID data.
  • Eliminate dependency on WAWF system speeds.

How WAWF Automation works:

… by eliminating the need to type WAWF data into a web browser.

  • Sending data to WAWF in batch transactions, kind of like emails.
  • Convert contract awards from the government into WAWF Receiving Reports and/or Invoices.
  • Automatically create labels, even barcoded DD1348s.
  • Using WAWF transaction data for other process, such as container labeling.

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