WAWF COC – Certificate of Conformance

The standard DOD Certificate of Conformance may be included in a WAWF Receiving Report (DD250) simply by clicking the COC button in the WAWF web application, or including the corresponding data segment in an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transaction. By doing so, the vendor agrees, by reference, to the following statement:

Certificate of Conformance

When submitting receiving reports using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), contractors will execute Certificates of Conformance (CoC) by including the appropriate indicator in the transaction rather than through the inclusion or attachment of the text of the certificate.

Therefore, including the appropriate CoC indicator in the transaction means that the contractor certifies that on the receiving report submission date the contractor furnished the supplies or services called for by the contract in accordance with all applicable requirements. It is the same as if the contractor had included or attached the following certificate required by FAR 52.246-15 (d):

“I certify that on _________ [insert date], the _____________ [insert Contractor’s name] furnished the supplies or services called for by Contract No______ via _______ [Carrier] on ________ [identify the bill of lading or shipping document] in accordance with all applicable requirements. I further certify that the supplies or services are of the quality specified and conform in all respects with the contract requirements, including specifications, drawings, preservation, packaging, packing, marking requirements, and physical item identification (part number), and are in the quantity shown on this or on the attached acceptance document.

Date of Execution: _____________________________”