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Barcode Label Formats 


Mil-Std-129 Revision P (Change Notice 4) added significant new barcoding requirements for defense contractors. The flexible design of MIL-Comply Labeling allows it to support a wide range of label formats as well as new requirements such as barcoded serial number lists. See Guide to Mil-Std-129 for information on barcode labeling requirements. MIL-Comply Labeling has superceded for Mil-Pac's popular Std-Barc software.


Label Format

 RFID Labels for DOD Mandate
RFID-tagged Military Shipment Label
RFID-tagged Exterior Container Label (XCL)
RFID-tagged Change Notice 4 XCL
RFID-tagged UID Unit Container Label
Generic RFID Container Label

 Mil-Std-129 Rev P
Military Shipment Label (with 2D barcode - 4"x6")
Unit Container Label
Unit Container Label  (with Barcoded Serial Number)
Exterior Container Data  (basic identification markings)
Exterior Container Barcodes  (see full example)
Exterior Container with Four Barcodes  
(NSN / Contract / CAGE / Serial Number - 4"x6")
Exterior Container Data   (with Barcoded Serial Number)
Exterior Container Serial Numbers Label
Barcoded Serial Number List  (8.5"x11")
Ammo/Explosives Load Entity (with 2D - 4"x2")

Mil-Std-130 Unique ID (UID) Labels
Construct 2 - Complete (2D, HRI and Linears)
Construct 2 - Smaller (2D and HRI only)
Construct 1 - Complete
Construct 1 - Smaller
Current Part Number - Complete
Current Part Number - Smaller

 GSA Labels - Fed-Std-123H
GSA Unit / Intermediate Container ID
GSA Transport Package (Exterior Container)
GSA Pallet Shipper
GSA Pallet Identification

 Other Compliance Labels
Direct Vendor Delivery (DVD) DSC-Rev 1
Item (NSN) Barcode (1-inch)

 General Purpose Labels
Ship-To Address Label (2-inch)
Ship-To / Mark-For Address Label (3-inch)
    8 Text Lines, 0 Barcodes (2-inch)
    5 Text Lines, 1 Barcodes (2-inch)
    8 Text Lines, 2 Barcodes (2-inch)

 Other Mil-Std-129 Labels
Exterior Container Data (2-inch)
Exterior Container Barcodes (2-inch)
Exterior Container with NSN Barcode (3-inch)
Exterior Container with NSN and Contract Barcodes
Extr w/ NSN, Contract, S/N Barcodes (5-in laser)
Extr w/ NSN, Contract, S/N Barcodes (6-in thermal)
NSN / Contract Barcodes
NSN / Serial Number / Contract Barcodes
CLIN / CAGE (DLA) Barcodes