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It is important to keep up with changes in the defense supply chain environment. As it evolves, so do the challenges to remaining compliant with Wide-Area Workflow (WAWF), Mil-Std labeling, UID and RFID requirements. Many releases of WAWF also include opportunties for defense contractors to streamline their processes, especially when using MIL-Comply software. This page includes information about new compliance issues as they relate to use of Mil-Pac software, as well as brief descriptions of new MIL-Comply features.

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Compliance Requirements / Initiatives

Wide-Area Workflow

Mil-Std Labeling

Mil-Std 2073 Packaging

Integrating Business Systems to Automate WAWF and Labeling

Mil-Std labeling as well as most common supply-chain process transactions (WAWF Receiving Reports, Invoices, UIDs and RFIDs) and Mil-Std-129 labeling can be automated with simple plain-text M12 files. See Integrating Business Systems and the M12 File Specification for more information.

MIL-Comply - WAWF / DLA Order Processing

MIL-Comply - Data Storage / Sharing Options

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