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WAWF Training Overview

If your company is involved in doing business with the DoD or military activities you will likely be required to submit invoices via Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). WAWF is a convenient web based solution that allows you, the vendor, to submit your invoices and receive feedback electronically. It also enables the government agency that you are doing business with to electronically accept the goods that you are supplying.

As with any complex system, users can benefit from training prior to starting. Online training is available directly from the government. See the links at right.

What your business can achieve after WAWF training:

WAWF Training Scope:

Wide Area Workflow training can be conducted online or offline through a pre-arranged classroom set up. During the training session, you will typically be introduced to a brief overview of Wide Area Workflow WAWF that contains a discussion of the WAWF’s history, relevant policies and guidelines, metrics and mandates, system’s architecture and design, roles and transaction modes as well as the benefits of using the system. In addition, you will be introduced to Department of Defense’s Item Unique Identification (IUID), Government Furnished Property (GFP) initiatives as well as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

Depending on the course curriculm, after the introduction, you will typically launch the WAWF computer-based training (CBT) module to review the system’s Navigation and Interface module before accessing the Production System as well as the link to WAWF Training Subsystem.

From the Subsystem training, you will learn the vendor sign up and log in process, how to create a 2n1 Invoice, Cost Voucher and Combo. You will also learn how the Government Acceptor accepts or rejects 2n1 Invoices, Cost Voucher and Combo as well as how to recall, edit, void and resubmit your documents. Finally, you will learn how to sign in as a Vendor View Only user and how to use WAWF electronic folders.

Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) is a secure online based electronic invoicing, acceptance and receipt method. Its mechanism includes creating a virtual folder that combines the necessary documents required to pay vendors for the goods and services supplied to the government agencies. If you are considering doing business with any government agency, especially the DoD, then you need to sign up for WAWF training to improve your business’ effeciency.