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WAWF Cost Voucher / SF1034

MIL-Comply includes the WAWF Cost Voucher (aka Public Voucher) form with Shipper. The transaction, which differs from the WAWF Receiving Report and Invoice, is for costs and fees incurred during performance of a contract. It is the equivalent of the traditional SF1034 form, which are printed by MIL-Comply.

SF1034 Cost Voucher Edit

Simple WAWF Submission

The Cost Voucher editor includes all of the standard MIL-Comply features, including address database lookup, multiple ACRN allocations for line items, and initiator comments.

Submitting the Cost Voucher to WAWF through the Mil-Pac VAN is three simple clicks; no need to log into the WAWF web site.

Importing Your Data

Creating and submitting Cost Vouchers from your own data is easy with the Mil-Pac plain-text (M12) format. An SF1034 Import File is easy for business systems to create from your own data.

Using an SF1034 import file reduces the WAWF submission process to six mouse clicks. And, it eliminates errors by using the data directly from your business system rather than transcribing from one system to the other by hand. Of course, data not supported by your system can be added before you submit the Cost Voucher to WAWF.

Integrating Business Systems with WAWF

Most common supply-chain process transactions (WAWF Receiving Reports, Invoices, UIDs and RFIDs) and Mil-Std-129 labeling can be automated with simple plain-text M12 files. See Integrating Business Systems and the M12 File Specification for more information.