Mil-Pac TechnologyWAWF, RFID and IUID compliance challenge defense contractors every day. Shipping and getting paid involves numerous complicated and overlapping requirements. Mil-Std-129R container labeling is bad enough, but if you have IUID-marked parts the challenges compound, especially with RFID-tagging adding to the data that has to be organized and submitted into Wide Area Workflow.

MIL-Comply is an effective point solution for any one of these challenges, but it is even more powerful with the more challenges you face. You can start with a single user doing labeling and scale it to handle complex shipping processes at the enterprise level.

MIL-Comply has been designed to make the most efficient use of data possible, saving you time and eliminating errors. Complex processes such as GFP Lifecycle and VSM Automation are tightly integrated into labeling and shipping to reduce their impact on your shipping process. With MIL-Comply avoid entering data over and over without going into Government web sites to get your job done.