Mil-Std 129R Labeling

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Unit and Intermediate Container Labels

The label formats for Unit Packs and Intermediate Containers are essentially the same, except as described below.

Required Unit Pack and Intermediate Container Markings

Basic Unit Container

Basic Unit Container Label

The basic Unit Pack and Intermediate Container markings consist of both human readable text and linear and the NSN bar code. The required text information is (in order listed) [¶5.1.1]:

Barcoded Information

One or more bar codes are required. Containers that include UID items required special UID container labels. Containers that do not include UID items, the following bar codes should be included:      [¶]

Basic Unit Container

Unit Cntr with S/N Barcode


The use of a 2D PDF417 symbol for unit and intermediate containers is optional, required only if the item(s) are UID. However, the standard [] allows for the use of either linear bar codes and/or a 2D symbol to encode the serial number(s). Thus a combination of the two methods is permissible, as is the use of just the PDF417 by itself.

Basic Unit Container

2D Unit Container
with S/N Barcode

Basic Unit Container

S/N Unit Container
with 2D Only