Mil-Std 129R Labeling

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Military Shipping Label (MSL)

Military Shipment Label (MSL)

Military Shipment Label (MSL)
(RFID Variant)

The MSL is placed on:

Cases that are palletized simply for the convenience of handling and shipping are not considered to be a palletized unit load. Each such container should be marked with an MSL.

When reading Mil-Std-129R, it should be noted that the rules for general cargo (contractor/vendor) shipments differ from those for (defense-originated) unit moves, which can be ignored.

Required MSL Markings

MSL markings consist of both human readable and bar coded information on a recommended 4x6 inch label. The exact format of the MSL is not mandated by the standard, as long as the required data is included along with compliant linear and 2D bar codes. Mil-Std-129R includes figures 2A and 2B (as) examples of acceptable MSL formats that may be used as guidelines in producing a label.[¶]

Required human readable information (contractor shipments) [¶]:

Required Bar Coded Information:

RFID-Enabled MSLs

A passive RFID tag may be integrated with the military or commercial shipping label (RFID-enabled address label) or it may be placed in a separate location on the shipment. (The) standard identifies recommended locations for the RFID-enabled address label and passive RFID tag placement.[¶5.9.2]

There are advantages to using the exterior container label for RFID tags. Read more about RFID data collection to learn more about use of RFID-enabled exterior container and use of generic RFID labels.