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Webinar: Deciphering Mil-Std 2073 Packaging Codes

Department of Defense supply contracts frequently contain specific packaging requirements that must be followed. Unfortunately, the packaging requirements are listed as a series of cryptic codes, the meaning of which must be researched in Mil-Std 2073. Cross-referenced document sections, paragraphs and tables in Mil-Std 2073 can leave even the most careful packager dizzy with confusion.

This webinar explains how packaging codes work and shows an easy way to use off-the-shelf software to make light work of packaging requirements.

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Webinar – Advanced Shipment Labeling for DOD Suppliers – Compliant, Efficient, Affordable

Preparing labels for Department of Defense shipments can be time-consuming, confusing, and error-prone.  Advanced Labeling for DOD suppliers can make label preparation easy and quick. This presentation describes Advanced Labeling.

Whether you ever use Mil-Pac Technology software products or not, this presentation will help you understand how to more efficiently label your DOD shipments.

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