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MIL-Comply Shipper

WAWF/DOD Shipping Automation Software

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Submit, Print, and Ship!     DOD Shipments Automated

WAWF and RFID Help Speed Equipment to Warfighters

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Milpac's easy-to-use software automates Department of Defense shipments.

  • Submits data to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) for DOD shipments
    • Submits Receiving Reports, Combos, Invoices, RFID/UID pack data and more
    • Registers UID data as part of WAWF transactions (end-item and embedded UIDs)

  • Prints numerous DOD Shipping Forms
  • Improves productivity
    • Downloads contract awards from the government reducing data entry and improving data accuracy
    • Once entered, reuses data for WAWF, labeling, and printed forms

"I like this - very user friendly!!
Looks like a REAL time saver and will be a great help eliminating entering repetitive information."

John B.,   Tucker GA

Software Features

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MIL-Comply Shipper Packages
Price per seat (includes 1 year support and upgrades)
Prepares and manages shipment data for use in below processes
Auto-complete and print:

DD250 - Material Inspection & Receiving Report (MIRR)

DD1348-1A - Issue Request/Receipt Document

DD1149 - Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document

Import shipment data from other systems (such as ERP systems)
Prepare data for submittal to WAWF - Receiving Report, Invoice and/or combo Receiving Report and Invoice  
Submit to WAWF - RFID Pack Data (as part of Receiving Report)  
Submit to WAWF - UID data (as part of Receiving Report) for end-item and embedded UIDs    
Import UID data from other systems    
Download electronic Contract Awards from government (DOD eMall, DIBBS, etc.)      

Value-Added Network (VAN) service is required for WAWF, DIBBS and eMall systems. Add the Mil-Pac VAN for simple and seamless data transaction processing, or use EDI data with your own VAN.

Significant discounts for multi-users.

  Email the Sales Department, or call 760-788-3030 for assistance.

Hardware Compatibility & Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System - Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
    (not supported for home versions, including Vista Home, Windows 7 Starter, and Windows 7 Home)
  • PC Hardware - Works well with any PC hardware that meets Microsoft's minimum hardware requirement for the installed operating system. (Ask us if you are uncertain - info@milpac.com.)

What is WAWF Automation and How does it work?

How can WAWF Automation help DOD suppliers be more efficient and reduce costs? This 10-minute, product-independent video explains WAWF Automation from a WAWF User perspective. No jargon or geek-speak; just a simple explanation.

Mil-Pac Technology Solutions for DOD Supplier Shipment

MIL-Comply Labeling is part of a suite of software products designed from the ground up to assist DOD Suppliers:

  • MIL-Comply MSL prints compliant Military Shipping Labels (MSLs). This software is offered free to introduce the MIL-Comply suite of software to more DOD suppliers. Software users can start with this software and purchase the upgrade to MIL-Comply Labeling at a later time.
  • MIL-Comply RFID Load Manager uses label, RFID, and UID data from MIL-Comply Labeling and submits that data to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). Submitted data includes all RFID and UID (if required) pack data for WAWF Receiving Reports.
  • MIL-Comply Labeling prints nearly any kind of label required to comply with DOD supplier standards, including over 30 different label formats (with many variations of these formats) such as MSLs, exterior container, intermediate container, unit container, etc. UID and RFID compliance are built in and fully supported. MIL-Comply Labeling is used directly to feed into MIL-Comply RFID Load Manager; no re-typing is required!