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RFID Load Manager

Submit RFID and UID data to WAWF with just a few mouse-clicks

  • Software Overview
  • Features & Functions
  • DOD RFID Mandate
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Comply with Department of Defense RFID Mandate - easily, efficiently and affordably

DOD supply and logistics

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  • Submit Pack Data to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF), including RFID and UID (when appropriate)
  • Submit RFID data to VIM-ASAP (for clothing and textile manufacturers)
  • Print RFID Pack Report for use in preparing shipment and for historical records
  • Automatically uses MIL-Comply Labeling label data so no typing is required
  • Never get booted out of WAWF again!

Three-step process (when used with MIL-Comply Labeling):

  1. Print shipping labels
  2. Review RFID data
  3. Easily submit all RFID data for a shipment to WAWF

"Submitting RFID data with MIL-Comply RFID Load Manager saves us two and a half hours per shipment. If we typed all the RFID data by hand into WAWF we would need to hire an extra person."

Elizabeth R., San Luis Obispo, CA

Software Functions

  • Submits RFID data to DOD
    • WAWF
      • Submits WAWF Pack Update transaction
      • Submits pallet and case RFID data
      • Fully supports UID in RFID shipments, including multiple RFID containers for an UID (multi-box indicator)
    • VIM-ASAP
      • Submits VIM-ASAP RFID file
      • Submits pallet and case RFID data
  • Prints RFID Pack Report
  • Allows easy management of RFID data
    • Assigns cases to pallets and pallets to shipments
    • Deletes RFID cases and pallets as needed
  • Integrates with MIL-Comply Labeling for efficient submission of label data to WAWF

Software Features

  • Tree view of pallets and cases simplifies RFID data management
  • Reuse of data from other Mil Comply modules reduces data entry and improves data integrity
  • Software is installed on local PC, so no system delays due to internet speeds or WAWF timeouts
  • Easily-navigated help screens
  • With multi-user licenses share data with co-workers

Hardware Compatibility & Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System - Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
    (not supported for home versions, including Vista Home, Windows 7 Starter, and Windows 7 Home)
  • PC Hardware - Works well with any PC hardware that meets Microsoft's minimum hardware requirement for the installed operating system. (Ask us if you are uncertain - info@milpac.com.)
  • Printers - Works with all major name brand thermal transfer (roll) printers and nearly all standard Windows printers (such as laser printers).

Submit RFID to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)

Suppliers for the United States Department of Defense (DOD) are required to submit RFID data in the form of an Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) to the government's computers. Most suppliers submit this data to Wide Area Workflow, although some submit to VIM-ASAP (primarily clothing & textile manufacturers and distributors). Suppliers have a choice to submit this data using different methods:

  • Type each RFID tag number into WAWF. This appears to be the cheapest route, since WAWF is free to use. The time required to perform this task, combined with the negative affect that data entry errors can have on supplier ratings, can make this actually the most expensive option.
  • Submit RFID data in a precisely-formatted file directly to WAWF. MIL-Comply RFID Load Manager knows how to create these files and how to transmit the files securely across the internet to WAWF. See important note, below.
  • Submit RFID data in a precisely-formatted file to WAWF, through a DOD-certified Value-Added Network service provider (DOD VAN). MIL-Comply RFID Load Manager also knows how to create this file format and transmit the file to a DOD VAN. Additionally, Mil-Pac Technology is a DOD VAN, providing DOD suppliers with a single number to call for assistance for both software and for DOD VAN communications.

NOTE: This notice is quoted from WAWF website.

NEW (23 Jul 10) For the remainder of 2010, WAWF will have limited availability to assist vendors with establishing new FTP or EDI interfaces due to extensive system testing. Our first period where new interfaces will not be able to be established will be from 1 August through 3 September. During this time, we ask that you continue to utilize the web to submit your WAWF documents. Once this round of testing is concluded in September, we will work those EDI and FTP requests on a first come first serve basis. Those vendors with existing EDI or FTP accounts will not be impacted.

This means that suppliers will not be able to establish new connections to submit RFID data directly to WAWF for the immediate future. Suppliers will still be able to submit RFID data through Mil-Pac Technology's VAN, since this connection is not affected by the above note.

MIL-Comply RFID Load Manager is part of a suite of software products & services designed from the ground up to assist DOD Suppliers:

  • MIL-Comply Labeling prints nearly any kind of label required to comply with DOD supplier standards, including over 50 different label formats (with many variations of these formats) such as MSLs, exterior container, intermediate container, unit container, etc. UID (Unique Identification) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) compliance are built in and fully supported. MIL-Comply Labeling is used directly to feed into MIL-Comply RFID Load Manager; no re-typing is required!
  • MIL-Comply Shipper submits transactions to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). Submitted transactions include Receiving Reports, Combos, and Invoices. Full support for UID data.
  • Mil-Pac Value-Added Network (VAN) Services provide a DOD certified, reliable communication path to submit data to government systems such as WAWF.

Mil-Pac Technology Solutions for DOD RFID Mandate