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MIL-Comply Labeling

Mil-Std-129R Label Printing for DOD Suppliers

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Need Lockheed Martin RFID Labels?

Prints Mil-Std 129R Labels for DOD Suppliers

Designed specifically for DOD suppliers, this easy-to-use, inexpensive software prints compliant labels quickly and efficiently.

  • Prints nearly any label needed to ship to the DOD (over 30 label formats included) and GSA
  • Mil-Std 129R and Fed-Std-123H compliant label formats
  • Easy data entry - Easy recall of data - Data generation wizards
  • Compatible with all leading name brand thermal transfer (roll) and standard Windows (laser) printers
  • Full support for RFID and UID available as options
  • Add MIL-Comply RFID Load Manager to submit pack data to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)
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Software Features

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MIL-Comply Labeling Packages
Price per seat (includes 1 year support and upgrades)
Print Mil-Std-129R compliant labels for DOD shipments
Create and print labels for all packaging levels (Unit, Intermediate, Exterior and Pallet), including over 30 label formats, including GSA
Print Military Shipping Label - MSL (cases and pallets)
Complete and print barcoded Serial Number Lists
Print RFID versions of all appropriate container labels including exterior container and pallet, integrated with existing barcode labels or as additional Generic RFID labels  
Print UID container labels (Unit and Exterior Container) with two-dimensional barcode    
Print Mil-Std 130 permanent part mark labels (thermal transfer and standard Windows printers)    
Compile and print barcoded UID Serial Number Lists    
Print integrated barcode, RFID and UID labels to satisfy all three requirements with a single label      
Reduce data entry while improving data quality
Assign RFID cases to pallets to generate RFID shipment data ready to upload to WAWF  
Auto-generate UIDs from discrete elements (CAGE, Part/Batch/Lot, and Serial Number)    
Assign UID end-items to RFID cases to generate labels and shipment data ready to upload to WAWF      
Auto-generate data (Serial Numbers, TCNs, etc.)
Complete fields with compliant terms and abbreviations from drop-down list (Method of Shipment, Unit of Issue, Shelf Life)
Improve productivity
Create and manage UID data (add, delete, change data)    
Manage RFID data (add, delete, change data)  
Share data across departments to eliminate redundant data entry
Save addresses and parts information to database for easy recall on future shipments

Hardware Compatibility & Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System- Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
    (not supported for home versions, including Vista Home, Windows 7 Starter, and Windows 7 Home)
  • PC Hardware- Works well with any PC hardware that meets Microsoft's minimum hardware requirement for the installed operating system. (Ask us if you are uncertain - info@milpac.com.)
  • Printers- Works with all major name brand thermal transfer (roll) printers and nearly all standard Windows printers (such as laser printers).

DOD Suppliers need Mil-Std 129 Shipment Labels

Suppliers for the United States Department of Defense (DOD) are required to label supply shipments according to very specific standards. There are many variations of the required labels, depending on factors such as levels of packaging, use of palletization, destination of shipment, contents of packages, etc. And the requirements change from time to time as the needs of the DOD change.

MIL-Comply Labeling Software Makes Shipment Labeling Easy!

Fortunately, DOD suppliers don't have to create and maintain each label format themselves. Mil-Pac Technology offers inexpensive, easy-to-use software that prints labels compliant with the latest DOD standards. Mil-Pac Technology offers two levels of labeling software:

  • MIL-Comply MSL prints compliant Military Shipping Labels (MSLs). This software is offered free to introduce the MIL-Comply suite of software to more DOD suppliers. Software users can start with this software and purchase the upgrade to MIL-Comply Labeling at a later time.
  • MIL-Comply Labeling prints nearly any kind of label required to comply with DOD supplier standards, including over 50 different label formats (with many variations of these formats) such as MSLs, exterior container, intermediate container, unit container, etc. UID (Unique Identification) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) compliance are built in and fully supported.

Flexible Software Configurations Provide Options to Suppliers

Mil-Pac Technology's labeling software solutions can be used by themselves or with other Mil-Pac Technology software to create a much more efficient and integration solution. With other Mil-Pac Technology software components, you can:

  • Submit RFID & UID Pack Data to WAWF (no typing into WAWF and no WAWF timeouts). Also submit RFID Pack Data to VIM-ASAP (for clothing & textile suppliers)
  • Submit other Transactions to WAWF (Receiving Report, Combo, Invoices, etc.), as easily as sending emails
  • Use WAWF Transaction Data to Generate Shipment Labeling (no re-typing)
  • Automatically import contract awards and purchase orders from government systems and your local systems
  • Decode Mil-Std 2073 Packaging Codes into easy-to-follow, printable packaging instructions
  • Print paper forms

Mil-Pac Technology Solutions for DOD Supplier Shipment Labeling

MIL-Comply Labeling is part of a suite of software products designed from the ground up to assist DOD Suppliers:

  • MIL-Comply MSL prints compliant Military Shipping Labels (MSLs). This software is offered free to introduce the MIL-Comply suite of software to more DOD suppliers. Software users can start with this software and purchase the upgrade to MIL-Comply Labeling at a later time.
  • MIL-Comply RFID Load Manager uses label, RFID, and UID data from MIL-Comply Labeling and submits that data to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). Submitted data includes all RFID and UID (if required) pack data required for WAWF Receiving Reports.
  • MIL-Comply Shipper submits transactions to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). Submitted transactions include Receiving Reports, Combos, and Invoices. Full support for UID data.

MIL-Comply Labeling Product Tour

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MIL-Comply Labeling product features, screens and short descriptions.
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