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The MIL-Comply Advantage is the efficient use of data. Enter data into MIL-Comply just once and you are done. Forget entering UID and RFID data multiple times. Faster, easier and simply more accurate than other methods.

MIL-Comply adapts to your process flow. You can start by creating a preliminary WAWF shipment - then automatically create all of the labels. Or start by labeling your products, then automatically create and submit the Receiving Report to WAWF. RFID data can be sent with Receiving Reports, or after getting WAWF acceptance.

MIL-Comply really streamlines DLA order processing. A few clicks to receive the electronic (DLA EDI) purchase order from DIBBS or EMall, then add an invoice number and send the data right back for payment. DD1348s and Mil-Std-129 labels are just a few keystrokes away.


DOD Shipping Automation

MIL-Comply speeds and simplifies WAWF, RFID, UID, Mil-Std-129 Labeling and Mil-Std-2073 Packaging compliance for defense contractors. These tools operate together to eliminate redundant data entry and costly errors. Each is available separately to meet your specific needs and budget requirements.

Comply/Labeling is the quick and easy way to create Mil-Std-129 bar code labels. Provides full support for UID and RFID mandates, and simplifies compliance with Mil-Std 129R. Automate labeling by using Electronic Awards or your own imported data. Organizes RFID data for WAWF submission as labels are created, including UIDs and palletized loads. Use with Shipper to automate WAWF submissions and manage workflow. [more]

Optional features include:

  • RFID Labels - includes exterior containers, pallets, UID unit containers and generic formats.
  • UID Labeling - includes the 2D PDF417 container formats required by Mil-Std-129R and basic UID part labels.
  • Electronic Awards - uses electronic (EDI) purchase orders received from DIBBS and eMall for Mil-Std-129R and/or FED-123H (GSA) label printing.
  • VSM Automation - obtains TCN and shipping instructions from DLA without the need to access the DLA VSM web site, prints shipping labels, bills of lading and MSLs.

Shipper organizes shipment data for WAWF submission and provides workflow controls to help manage shipment preparation and invoicing. Basic DD250 and DD1348 forms are included. [more]

Optional features include:

  • WAWF Transactions - generate and submit Receiving Reports, Invoices and Combos through a Mil-Pac VAN account. Transactions may include UID and RFID data.
  • UID Support - easily incorporate UIDs into WAWF Receiving Reports and Combo transactions. Just paste and submit - even embedded items (first-level).
  • Electronic Awards - translate electronic (EDI) purchase orders received from DIBBS and eMall directly into WAWF Receiving Reports and/or Invoices. Automates DD1348s and/or label generation as needed. Standalone capability allows retrieval of DLA EDI transactions directly into your own system using Mil-Pac's DOD-certified VAN.

RFID Manager organizes RFID data for submission to WAWF. Data can be submitted as Pack Update to shipments already in WAWF, or included in Receiving Reports submitted by Shipper. Works with RFID data created by Labeling, or with pre-encoded RFID labels available from Mil-Pac and other vendors. [more info]

Pack-2073 provides an easy to follow Packaging Worksheet for use by your packaging team. It fully supports Mil-Std 2073-1E, as well as previous versions, 2C/1C/1D. Entry of packaging codes is intuitive and efficient, with help from pull-down tables and instant error checking. Packaging requirement codes are saved, so you only have to enter them once. [more info]

UID Manager manages IUID Registry transactions primarily for acknowledging custody of Government-Furnished Property (GFP) during maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations, adding IUIDs to the Registry if necessary. Bulk additions of embedded UIIs to the UID Registry is also supported.

Value-Added Network (VAN) interfaces with WAWF, DFAS and the UID Registry for data interchange. Interfaces with DLA to receive EDI purchase orders from DIBBS and EMall. Use of Mil-Pac's DOD-certified VAN meets the DLA EDI requirement and eliminates the WAWF DD2875 approval and JITC certification. [more info]

VSM Automation integrates Labeling and Shipper with the DLA Vendor Shipment Module (VSM) to speed shipments by avoiding the VSM web site.

Contracts automates shipment generation for longer running contracts. Outstanding balances of items to ship are maintained along with UID and RFID requirements. Contract status reports enhance management shipments.