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Simplify WAWF, UID, RFID, VSM and Mil-Std-129R

Integrated WAWF, UID, RFID, GFP, VSM solutions.

Mil-Pac Technology's industry-leading software for defense contractors makes shipping and invoicing quick and easy.

MIL-Comply simplifies DOD compliance. Create Mil-Std-129R compliant bar code and RFID labels. Integrate UID and VSM into label printing. Automate submission of WAWF Receiving Reports with RFID, UID and GFP data. All without using Government websites. Create and submit invoices directly from DLA purchase orders. Stop entering the same data over and over again.

"Submitting RFID data with Mil-Pac software saves us two and a half hours per shipment. If we typed all the RFID data by hand into WAWF we would need to hire an extra person."

- Elizabeth R., San Luis Obispo, CA"

Mil-Pac Technology has been providing industry-leading software solutions that simplify DOD supply-chain compliance since 1982.   Our fourth-generation solutions make fast and accurate work of meeting RFID, UID, WAWF and Mil-Std-129 labeling requirements. Other solutions include:

Mil-Std 2073 Packaging Database - Speed the process of looking up Mil-Std 2073 packaging codes. Print packaging worksheet for easy reference. Works with our DIBBS Automation to automatically breakdown Mil-Std-2073 packaging codes included in EDI purchase orders from DLA (BSM). Includes Change Notice 2 to Mil-Std-2073-1E.

DIBBS / eMall Automation - Download new orders from DLA, instantly convert and send invoices to WAWF. Quickly submit Fast Pay Receiving Reports and Invoices. Print barcoded DD1348-1A and DD250s as required. Print and submit RFID and UID. The Mil-Pac VAN meets the DLA EDI transaction requirement.

VIM-ASAP - Upload hundreds or thousands of RFID tags to VIM-ASAP. Use pre-encoded or print-on-demand RFID tags. A new Lockheed-Martin RFID label format is available in Comply/Labeling.