Comply with Department of Defense RFID Mandate – easily, efficiently and affordably

  • Print RFID labels or use pre-encoded RFID labels
  • Submit RFID Pack Data to Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) as easily as sending an email. Never get booted out of WAWF again
  • Print RFID Pack Report for use in preparing shipment and for historical records
  • Costs range from $248 to $797 and you will be submitting RFID to WAWF within a few days
    • Includes software, installation support, training, and full product support and software upgrades for a year
    • Does not include printer or labels

“Submitting RFID data with Mil-Pac software saves us two and a half hours per shipment. If we typed all the RFID data by hand into WAWF we would need to hire an extra person.”
— Elizabeth R., San Luis Obispo, CA

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