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Mil-Std-129 Bar Code Labels

Mil-Std-129 Revision R introduced significant changes to labeling requirements.  MIL-Comply Labeling supports a wide range of label formats, including the older formats in order to meet specific contract requirements. See the Guide to Mil-Std-129 for information on bar code labeling requirements.

A representative sampling of the Mil-Std-129R label formats is included below. The most current list of Revision R compliant formats may be found in the downloadable MIL-Comply Label Samples (PDF).

In addition to Mil-Std-129R label formats, Comply/Labeling also includes GSA and IUID labels IAW Mil-Std-130N. This is not a complete list of available formats, but rather representative of the commonly used labels.

Mil-Std-129 Revision R     (Change Notice 2)

Unit Container Label (linear & 2D)
Unit Cntr with Serial Number Barcode
Exterior Container for Single IUID Item
Exterior Container with Five IUID Items
Exterior Container with Many IUID Items (SNL)
Military Shipment Label (MSL)
Older Formats (Rev P / linear barcodes)

RFID Labels for DOD Mandate

Case Label    (Exterior Cntr Format)
Pallet Label   (Exterior Cntr Format)
RFID Military Shipment Label (MSL)
Unit Container Label
Exterior Container Label (Rev P with linears)
Generic RFID Container Label

Mil-Std-130 Unique ID (UID) Labels

Construct 2 - Complete (2D, HRI and Linears)
Construct 2 - Smaller (2D and HRI only)
Construct 1 - Complete
Construct 1 - Smaller

GSA Labels - Fed-Std-123H

GSA Unit / Intermediate Container ID
GSA Transport Package (Exterior Container)
GSA Pallet Shipper
GSA Pallet Identification

Mil-Std-129 Rev P

Military Shipment Label (with 2D barcode - 4"x6")
Unit Container Label
Unit Container Label  (with Barcoded Serial Number)
Exterior Container Data  (basic identification markings)
Exterior Container Barcodes  (see full example)
Exterior Container with Four Barcodes  
(NSN / Contract / CAGE / Serial Number - 4"x6")
Exterior Container Data   (with Barcoded Serial Number)
Exterior Container Serial Numbers Label
Barcoded Serial Number List  (8.5"x11")
Exterior Container Data (2-inch)
Exterior Container Barcodes (2-inch)
NSN / Contract Barcodes
CLIN / CAGE (DLA) Barcodes

Other Compliance Labels

Direct Vendor Delivery (DVD) DSC-Rev 1
Item (NSN) Barcode (1-inch)

General Purpose Labels

Ship-To Address Label (2-inch)
Ship-To / Mark-For Address Label (3-inch)
8 Text Lines, 0 Barcodes (2-inch)
5 Text Lines, 1 Barcodes (2-inch)
8 Text Lines, 2 Barcodes (2-inch)